No War after Defeating Dictator Museveni on Feb 18, 2016

Uganda Diaspora P10 Message Against The Threat Of War And Warmongering By The NRM Regime

 [Message broadcast to Uganda on Shortwave Frequency 15405KHz on 19m band]

The Uganda Diaspora P10 together with all peace loving Ugandans and International Community, condemns the threats of violence and war_drumming by the Inspector General of Police of Uganda… General Kale Kayihura, and the NRM Secretary General Kasule Lumumba… Their statements and conducts have been subversive, inflammatory and at best, unconstitutional as suggests that the exercise of people’s power will lead to war or instability. We equally condemn the illegal involvement of officers and men of UPDF in partisan politics of incumbent president, Yoweri Museveni and their harassment of voters.

Uganda Diaspora P10 and all peace loving Uganda, home and abroad would like to assure all Ugandans that Uganda shall never return to war in order to bring change into its government. We believe in the absolute exercise of people’s power for peaceful transition and transformation in governance.  However, the regime should be well informed that no army, whatsoever strong with arms and resolve, can rise and stand against the collective will of the people of Uganda.

We are steadfast that Uganda is our beloved motherland, our pride. And, we have all contributed and invested enough in it as a people. We need to protect Uganda and build it even much better, to last long, benefit all, and restore our pride as a democratic, free and all-inclusive Country.

We Ugandans would like to live in peace among ourselves, with our neighbors, and the international community while honoring our diversity and internal dynamics as a civilized free people. We want to build an inclusive Ugandan society that values our diversity as strength, our beauty as a resource, and our resilience as a building block for a prosperous country.

Uganda Diaspora P10 implore all peace loving Ugandans to defy all illegal actions and violence committed against the people… and to shun all war talks and threats intended to intimidate and interfere with the forthcoming elections on February 18, 2016.  Uganda Diaspora P10 would like to urge all Ugandans to organize yourselves under the P10 structure on the ground to enable your demand for a free and fair elections…transparent voting process and vote counting, vigilance at the polling station and ensuring that accurate and correct results are declared and announced after the tallying of the votes.

We advise all Ugandans to resist the attempts from the state organs to coerce /kōˈərs/, bully, and bribe you for your votes. It is our citizenship, our very existence, and freedom which are at stake during this forthcoming election. This wind of change is inevitable. Change is coming to Uganda…The people of Uganda are ready for change. The change which is coming is not avoidable! This is the time to change. Let us all get ready to receive the change that we have been waiting for. The time is now!

Last but not least, we would like to remind all the security organs such as the military, the Police, Internal Security Organization, the so-called Crime Preventers and local security Operatives that peace loving Ugandans and International community are watching them keenly and taking notes of their actions.

We shall hold each individual responsible for their actions and abuse of the rights of the people of Uganda. There will be no excuses such as “orders from above”, “Kale Kayihura sent me” or “we are above the law”. No! You will be solely responsible for any lives that you take, any tears that you cause to drop, and all injuries inflicted on the people of Uganda as a result of your abuse of power and governance.

We would like to wish you a safe voting period and to get ready to celebrate the change that you have been waiting for. Your vote is your voce. You vote is the decision on how your government shall be run. Your vote is the means to ending your prolonged suffering and living in humiliating poverty.



UGDP10: Our Objections to the Use of Biometric Voters’ Verification System


As you are aware, the 2016 General Elections is barely 3 weeks away. Last week, the Uganda Electoral Commission announced that they intend to introduce and use the Biometric Voters’ Verification System. This system will require the EC to use the biometric information (fingerprints) gathered during the Registration for National IDs. Using Biometric system in an election process is a welcome move given the experiences in the last Elections in Kenya and Ghana. From a technical stand point the system must to go through rigorous field tests before they are commissioned. We, therefore, demand that the EC suspends and eliminate the use of the BVVS from the February 18, 2016 General elections.

We are of the strong views that these systems have to fulfill the following criteria before they are put to use.

  1. The System has to be verified by independent technical experts to ensure that these devices meet the highest precision in identifying finger prints.
  2. The company supplying the Biometric Readers must have a reputation of supplying tamper-free systems and must be internationally recognized.
  3. A national voter’s Database must exist whose sole purpose is to register voters and is kept up-to-date as young citizen become legible to vote and those that die, or ceases to be eligible to vote for various legal reasons are purged from this Database. The Uganda Electoral Commission should not be using data from the National ID system whose function is different from that of an electoral commission. Where then is the Independence or impartiality of the so called “Uganda Independent Electoral Commission”?
  4. The Biometric system that is used during voting must be the same system that was used in the registration process and voters display or verification exercise (see Kenya: If these devices were not used during the registration process and during the voters’ verification exercise, against which data are they going to verify the voter’s finger prints? The argument that it will deter people from multi voting does not hold because there is no evidence backing such a claim since the Biometric system does not prevent such malpractices as repeat voting, especially where officials are not impartial. Note that the main complaints about past rigging by NRM have been ballot stuffing, denying voters to cast ballots in time, altering final results, changing results such that it announces losers instead of winners. Votes tallied at the center have been different from those at polling stations. Therefore a system that was not used during registration and verification of voters cannot be used on the voting day.
  5. All people involved in handling these devices must be trained in how to handle and use these systems prior to registration.
    (Kenya: How can an Electoral Commission introduce a Biometric system barely a month away from the election? What is the motive behind these maneuvering?
  6. Adequate voters’ education on expected use of this device ought to have been conducted in advance to ensure harmony during the verification and on the voting day.
  1. We, the Uganda Diaspora P10, appeal to the International Community, Development Partners, Donors, and Foreign Governments to assert their influence and demand the Ugandan Government to adhere to the above listed questionable steps being taken to implement the Biometric Voter’s Machines.
  1. We, the Diaspora P10, urge the EU Election Observers to show their impartiality by writing to the Ugandan Government and to the rest of the Diplomatic Corps, and all the Development Partners that the BVV is being poor rolled out by EC, and creating suspicion since all the different political parties were not involved – the question of transparency and impartiality of the EC is highly in doubt therefore, the EU and all the other Election Observers should come forth to distance itself from the BVV; and appeal to the EC to either fulfill the above issues and/or abandon the use of the BVV on Feb 18, 2016.

Uganda Diaspora P10



Voice of Defiance


Let the Voice of Defiance reach every hill and Valley in Uganda;
Let the plains and plateau say no more;
Let the echo of my people be heard in the ravines
Let the call to save my motherland sound loud and clear;
As we all say, Besigye is ours.

Let the women harvesting millet sing freedom;
Let the carpenters and builders hum freedom;
Haulers of luggage and farmers pick it up.
As we all say Besigye songa.

My brother in police you have a duty;
My sister in the crime preventers you have a job;
And my uncle in the army the people need you
Link up with you crying unemployed brother.
Listen to the Voice of Hope, the ballitone voice of Besigye.
Save mother Uganda from the monster of selfish greed;
Save my grandpa from lies and slander;
Save this nation from falling off the cliff;
Trust our destiny with Wesige Best.

Let’s light a candle of hope;
Let’s not just curse the darkeness and gloom;
Let the voice of the child sing freedom;
Let the youth sing to the rising tide of hope;
Hope for a new Uganda as we all say.
Wesige Besigye.

Mother where are you?
Sister bring me my drum and ndingidi.
Papa where is my frute and ngalabi?
Where is the Timble and Harp Aunt?
I want to sing a song for Uganda.
And Dance with Dr . Besigye.

By Joseph Tumushabe,the Uganda Diaspora P10  cordinator for the SADC region.

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FDC Manifesto Offers More Competitive deal for Teachers and Health Workers

After carefully scrutinizing the FDC 2016 Manifesto, there are quite a number of compelling ideas that needed reiterating. What is clear is that, the FDC Manifesto has the most competitive offers for Teachers and healthcare professionals compared to Go Forward and NRM’s Manifestos. Two of the most critical areas that the FDC Manifesto addresses are improving the welfare of teachers and that of healthcare professionals. These two critical areas have been the Achilles heel of the NRM regime’s given the constant narrative of decay and neglect exposed by this Campaign.


First, FDC Manifesto promises to pay elementary school teachers a monthly package of 650,000/= while their Secondary school counter parts will take home Shs 1million.  By the current projection of the GDP, this should be a decent amount. The current pay scale for teachers at both primary and secondary levels are humiliating. It could take them another two decades of strikes and fierce agitation to win better pay under the current regime – close to what FDC proposes. And yet the money is there, being lavished in political patronage and self-entrenchment.


For our counterparts in health, the FDC Manifesto promises a monthly take home amount of 650,000/= for Nurses. There are a variation of nurses and definitely those with degrees would get higher amounts. The plan is to develop the Nursing profession upwards, to the point that we have Diploma and Degree holders to ably manage and provide better quality of care to patients. This would mean helping Nurses with lower qualifications to study to a higher level. For Doctors, entry level monthly package of Shs 3.5millions, with special bonuses for working in rural-hard-to reach areas. This will reverse the excessive hemorrhaging of our qualified medical professionals and doctors. Again, there are a variety of health care professionals whose emoluments will start from Shs 650,000, and more, based on levels of education and years in service.


On top of all these, the FDC Manifesto is very clear on committing a significant percentage of healthcare budget to funding health research, so as to improve quality of care, management and standardize healthcare services to regional and international levels. Committing research funding to education and gender mainstreaming programs are the unique and attractive trait of this Manifesto.


At the bottom of all these, is the common notion that the NRM regime’s fanning approach to solve problems in the social services sector will destroy our social services for good. They have deliberately refused to prioritize teachers and healthcare professionals. Instead, they fund the instruments of repression, buying teargas and coercing public servants. These will end with the election of Dr. Kiiza Besigye on February 18, 2016.


In its response to low pay and poor motivation in social services sector, the NRM regime instituted the Saccos – a financial saving scheme. While this appears on the surface to be a noble idea, it actually is not, when properly scrutinized. For people who understand healthcare and education as a progressive, labour intensive and intellectually demanding field, it is obvious that Saccos is such a horrible and diversionary idea. Arresting them and humiliating these lots for unprofessional conduct is immaterial since the root of the problem remains unsolved. Those are reactionary downstream approaches, or what we medically call “treating symptoms”.


Teachers, Nurses, Doctors and healthcare professionals should not be diverted into Saccos. They need to be properly enumerated and provided with tools to do their work. Teachers, for instance, need time to read, to study, mark tests, prepare for lessons, and attend to their families and their grooming. To achieve all these, teachers need good remunerations with decent housing, befitting of their role and contribution to grooming citizens of this country, and a guaranteed pension. We have long advocated for teacher’s dependent to study free through University.


Healthcare professionals should be treated in a similar respectable manner, not driven to Saccos. They should have the time to recuperate, study constantly, attend to family, partake in health research and professional development, and to serve diligently as required of the Hippocratic Oath.


I trust that Dr. Besigye is better placed to revitalize these institutions, and the FDC Manifesto promises just that.



Dodgy Companies Contracted by Uganda’s Electoral Commission!





I implore Ugandans to begin to read in between the lines as pertains media reports, we tend to overlook the important reports and focus on sentimental stories. I have observed most times crucial information bypass the public eye simply because there is no attempt by the general public to perform a citizen’s watchdog role, a civically clued citizenry is the most effective weapon against fraud, it imperative that we develop habits of doing a citizen’s audit. I have looked at a piece of information published by the Observer and the government owned New Vision detailing the pulling out of a major financier to Uganda Electoral commission project.

Democratic Governance Facility (DGF) had earlier commitment to co-fund the procurement of the Electronic Results Transmission and Dissemination System.

This was confirmed by a one Mr. Mads Mayerhofer, the chairperson of DGF’s Steering Committee that they withdrew funding in December last year after Electoral Commission canceled the contract of Cytel, to supply the result transmission technology in favor of Avante, under suspicious circumstances.

Well from that story I have compelled myself to research on it. I started with investigating the a few of these companies contracted to handle the electronic results transmission in the upcoming general elections (Feb 18, 2016). My findings have revealed historical links between Electoral Commissions in other countries with these dodgy companies entrusted also by Uganda’s EC with delivering the electronic transmissions of the results. Underneath it, there is the ploy of conspiracy to commit electoral fraud in Uganda.

First on the list is MFI documents solutions a company operating in Uganda with shadowy directors, initially it was called (MFI Uganda Ltd) they operated under the license of (MFI computers) in Kenya. In Uganda and Tanzania for some unknown reasons, they re-branded to MFI document solutions.

The majority of staffs in this company are of Indian origin and they operate under strict confidentiality rules in which I have no objection to because it’s a standard company practice. However, I am informed that they work and live in an enclosed complex behind Kabalagala police station. According to my insider source who preferred anonymity, the Indians are strictly forbidden from associating with the local staffs – socializing and/or dating Ugandan girls is apparently forbidden.

The level of sensitivity of dealings within this company raises many suspicions, this company has consistently edged all reputable companies in the procurement deals of many governments IT related contracts, including handling the sensitive data of EC, managing data in ministry of defense, and internal affairs. For quite some times they have been at the center of running all the Kiggundu’s EC deals in collaboration with foreign companies to supply all the hardware equipment’s.

They supplied the hardware like ID machines, Laptops, Desktops, Printers and any other office equipment’s, they also procured ministry of defense with the equipment’s that botched up the national ID registration.

Second company is AVANTE, registered in the USA and a quick visit to their website reveals the following: “AVANTE patented and proven verifiable voting solutions and systems with proven accuracy to provide secure, auditable and credible elections worldwide”. “Besides participating in election systems and solutions in US and Aboard (Abroad), AVANTE implemented the Biometric Voter Registration System and Solution in the 2011 General Election of Nigeria and Election Results Transmission and Dissemination System and Solution in the 2011 Generation Election of Uganda”.

The Electoral Commission of Uganda is one of the clients who have provided a testimonial commending the company. It reads “We are commending you for meeting best international practices by publishing election results polling station by polling station, which ensured full transparency as well as greater confidence and trust in the results for Uganda’s citizens. The introduction of electronic transmission of results from district tally centers to the National Tally Centre marked a further improvement.”

There we go, I find it dishonest for a reputable company like Avante to be part of the ring of electoral fraud in Uganda. Everybody in Uganda is aware of how the electoral results are tampered with in the process of transmission from the polling station up to the national tallying center. In fact, two former key actors in this rings have testified of how results are switched in between the various channels of transmission, one is John Patrick Amama Mbabazi current presidential contender and General Davis Sejusa a former coordinator of intelligence. Recently, Presidential candidate, Prof Barya also insinuated that votes are altered in computers at the National Tally center. I find it absurd for the same company that has been a co-conspirator of electoral fraud to claim that they have previously performed.

Remember this US company has re-entered Uganda through the same dubious MFI documents solutions Uganda. Initially the contract for electronic vote transmission technology was awarded to Cytel, a European company but for some hidden reasons this was reversed. The Memorandum of Agreement was cancelled and the contract was handed back to the same company that did the 2011 elections (AVANTE). This prompted Democratic Governance Facility (DGF) to withdrew its funding support of UGX 4.5Bn to the EC when it realized that the contract to Cytel had been cancelled in favor of Avante, under suspicious circumstances.

It’s not uncommon in Uganda for this companies to have godfathers close to the center of power, as corruption is the way of their lives. Therefore, there are vested interests from the presidency to recommend MFI and their foreign partners in such a lucrative procurement contract because kickbacks and patronage schemes is what sustain the current regime. Further, they are guaranteed of rigging the elections with a familiar system used with ease in 2011 General Elections.

This very same company Avante bungled up the, 2011 & 2015 Nigerian general elections to the extent that it took the intervention of a local company to salvage the elections. The malfunction was so embarrassing that even “two former presidents Jonathan, his wife and Obasanjo fingerprints were rejected by the voter registration machines and this was a public relations disaster for Nigeria and its Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). This glitch was not a on-of as it became contagious and spread nationwide. Many voters across Nigeria didn’t exist on the database and as a result violence flared across Nigeria.

After temporarily fixing this problem it was discovered that the system was deliberately compromised at the registration process as some politicians allegedly working in concert with the Nigerian electoral commission, cropped the voter register with foreign names. The mess included under-age registration, duplication of names and false  persons supposedly registered in areas where they do not reside or vote from, and the introduction of fictitious names into boxes without matching pictures.

From that experience in Nigeria I foresee disaster striking at the heart of this system in Uganda, why? they have hastily introduced a Biometric voter system in the eleventh hour, therefore it’s simply a question of what time it will malfunction, and what have they put in place to remedy it. Because at the moment there is no adequate time to train staffs and enhance the infrastructure that the system will be running on, so this notion of Kiggundu commending this Avante company should raise eyebrows and be trashed forthwith.

Nigeria managed to contain the resultant violence. In Uganda, the expectations for a fair elections is high and many people are pumped up for change against all odds. We are at a very delicate period of transition, and any mess may trigger hell and heavens to break loose, especially out of any technical glitch arising from untested technology. When our voting systems fail voters lose trust in the electoral process, and that is corrosive. Voters are already enduring apathy and anxiety of the credibility of the Electoral Commission itself. Without that trust, our democracy will continue to stagnate and the elections will forever count to nothing if we accept late introduction of flawed system. It is apparent that voters’ wishes are to see their votes counted, and to influence their intended outcome. Citizens are agitating for change and any attempt to use the system to abuse their votes will spell danger.EC and its partners in crime must tread carefully, Ugandans are not in the moods of participating in another sham election enough is enough. My advice will remain the same “stop sleeping my brothers and sisters, learn to employ critical thinking”. END.

Prevailing Peace in Uganda Exposes Museveni’s Anarchism


One of the confusing issues for voters in this campaign is that President Museveni is solely responsible for the prevailing peace in the country. In fact, the prevailing peace has exposed Mr. Museveni’s anarchism and the tendencies to manufacture violence as means of solving problems where peaceful means could suffice. Through violence, Museveni has been able to manufacture consent of unsuspecting voters.

The credit for the prevailing peace in this country should be accorded to the people of Uganda who have scorned violence, the religious and traditional leaders who have mediated for ends to senseless conflicts.

President Museveni should not run a campaign premised on falsehood that he is a champion of peace, whereas he is not. After all, what Ugandans enjoy now, is relative peace, as opposed to a well-deserved absolute peace.

Since independence, Uganda has endured senseless conflicts. To an outsider, Uganda is known for producing cruel savages like Idd Amin, and now a new breed of dictators like Museveni who refuses to leave power, even when his continued tenure is evidently a liability to everything Ugandan.

We have not been lucky with leadership in this country. Amin caused us much pain and indignation; Dr. Obote went to the left, and apparently stole 1980 elections. President Museveni has done everything – even in excess – exceeded all, and remained the active ingredient of violence in Uganda.

Mr. Museveni’s violence can be traced back to his student’s days. Since 1965, the president was involved in forming militant organizations: FRONASA, Uganda Patriotic Movement et cetra. All these organizations were premised on ideology of violence as mode of obtaining social transformation. His predominant narratives are hewed with ingredients of violence and destruction.

Once you embark on studying the various posturing or manifestations of Mr. Museveni, you find no grain of peace and peacefulness in his etic views of society. From his justification of violence using theories and anecdotes from revolutionists while at Dar es-Salaam University, to the practical approach of conscripting children into his NRA ranks, this President has been the most active ingredient of violence in Uganda.

In fact, President Museveni spent nearly 25 years of his rule either fighting, or creating situations that could generate conflict so he could fight. Northern Uganda was a war theatre for two decades. There is no land in East and Central Africa where Museveni’s army has not set foot. Everywhere they went, the attendant violence and destruction of such places, like Bor in Southern Sudan, becomes characteristic.

The violence that characterize election years are always reflective. Promises to crash opponents, return to the bush if not elected, commissioning Police and armed atrocities on opponents to instill fear and uncertainty among the populace. President Museveni always wears military attire and poses for pictures while firing his AK47. Such pictures help to reinvent his image and reputation of violence, and to cement that in the psyche of the population that Mr. Violence is still in charge of this country.

The disappearance of Mr. Christopher Aine, and the arrest of many Go-Forward supporters in Ntungamo and the infamous “poking the “something” “something” of the Leopard” are not isolated incidences. The speculation over the death of Mr. Aine is nothing strange, or far from a possibility. One of the sons of Kifefe was martyred in the same way. After all, every part of Uganda has mass graves and heaps of skulls to show for this regime.

Ugandans should be bold and honest to confront this violence by placing it behind us on February 18th, 2016. The real active ingredient of insurgency and violence in this country is Mr. Museveni. This, precisely is the reason the country is so tensed up right now with illegal recruitment of militias.

Lastly, the numerous contradictions that he (Mr. Museveni) is not willing to hand over power when defeated at the polls, only signify a possibility for violence. Any prospects of stealing votes this time using any means, including the Biometric Voters’ Verification System, certainly will plunge Uganda into turmoil. Let’s defy.



12548961_914772371952721_266572899830083677_n12417970_914772168619408_7305871095477000296_n12509170_914772271952731_9190843386186345125_nThis is what exemplify what leadership is about” leadership is about serving the people”. The people’s president turned his official motor car into an emergency service ambulance to save this victim today.

Our candidate of choice Kizza-Besigye, who happens to be a medical doctor by profession today encountered a victim of a fatal head on collusion of two motor cyclist commonly known as (bodaboda) riders.

Dr Kizza Besigye surrendered his V8 to the victim and he was driven to Kiboga hospital, where to the dismay of the President a police officer first refused to open the gates. Inside the heavily guarded hospital, the medical workers had neither first aid kits nor supplies to attend to the casualties (steady progress). But in the end Besigye directed head of his campaign team Hajji Obed Kamulegeya to stay at Hospital until they are attended to the accident victim. He bought all the medicines needed to treat the casualties and each was given a substantial financial package to help them in their recovery. This is our leader. He loves Ugandans. He loves Uganda!



Social Media Heads-up: Prospects of Rigging by Biometric Voters’ Verification System

Editor: This Commentary has been making rounds on Social Media. Given the incredulity and notoriety of the Electoral Commission, we should be genuinely with any innovations whose intentions are to stifle or subvert the voting process. Any critical information like this, certainly should get scrutinized since the credibility of this EC is the one upon which 2016 appears to be a Referendum.


An insider within Electoral Commission has revealed to a source how the regime in collusion with the Kiggundu Commission have designed a method of rigging the forthcoming elections.The main tool of rigging will be disenfranchisement of voters thought to be from opposition, and tampering with the biometric voter verification system, in areas that are largely opposition strongholds.The following are the stages that are being deployed towards this rigging:

1-The electoral officials at polling stations will be exclusively NRM cardholders and this recruitment is already ongoing.
2-The electoral commission will only allow people in possession of so called voter location slips, which are being sent to parishes and will be distributed only afew days before the voting day, and the electoral officials so-called parish supervisors and crime preventers, will make sure that only NRM card holders are given these slips, and those in opposition will not be allowed to vote since the parish supervisors will not have given them the voter location slips.
3-In the areas where the opposition is very strong, most of the names of the voters will be transfered to other polling stations far from their homes, and when they appear to vote on their original stations, their names will not be found in the biometric voter verification system on that location.
4-The electoral commission decided together with the regime to introduce these biometric voter verification machines barely 3 weeks to election date, so that the opposition does not have the opportunity and enough time to crosscheck the names that are included in each of the over 30, 000 machines that are to be used. TVO


Not Yet Uhuru, not really Merry. Amanda.

Not Yet Uhuru, not really Merry. Amanda.

I know you are going to say it!

For you it will be coming from depth;

No lie, no ill will, no deception;

You mean every bit of it.

I know, you know it!

That much as you wish it;

It’s not really Uhuru yet;

It will take another month at least.

I know you crave it!

That the melodious song you sing;

Be felt at both ends;

With your heart and mine saying.

I wish that by this time next season;

You and all our friends and even foes;

Will bask in the warmth of a new Dawn;

A new Hope to fill the gaping yawn.

Look to the East sister,

Watch the north brother,

The West, Central and South

True happiness of a New Year;

Can only come amidst freedom;

Cry freedom. Amanda.


About the Author: This poem was submitted by Mr Joseph Tumushabe,a renowned Ugandan scholar,political activist,opinion leader and a founder member of Reform Agenda and Forum for Democratic change. Joseph currently is the Regional Coordinator of Uganda Diaspora P10 in the SADC region.



I have been watching the happenings in this country and beyond, now for two weeks. Moving around and meeting people. Taking stock of things like the disappearance of Aine, the presidential debates, the fall of oil prices, now at $29 a barrel, the slowing down of the Chinese economy and what it means for the world especially our banana enclaves, the resurgence of Al shababab, the ISIs and Syria crises and Burundi, and Egypt, and Sudan, etc.


I have been taking note of the Museveni declarations, on handing over power or not, the conduct of the Kiggundu commission, the Besigye defiance campaign, the Mbabazi threats of a coup, of hundreds of thousands of poorly trained, unpaid, not commanded crime preventers or promoters. Etc.


I have been watching the situation in the region, in South Sudan, Burundi, tensions between Rwanda and Burundi, the DRC, etc.


I heard Parliament giving extra budget allocation to manage post-election violence, a cool 60 billion or more! I heard CDF warning about the readiness of the military to intervene in case of election violence. I had the commander in chief giving a strategic command for the military to be in charge of the country during elections as if Uganda is at war.


Am seeing the rounding up if youth in the city and other towns and their disappearance. I see the election polls, no matter who they give what, the only glaring constants across the political divide are two things, one, that the Ugandan election can’t be free and fair. Another is that few, if any, believe Mr. Museveni can accept electoral defeat and go home.


In short, there is the sounding of war drums of some sort everywhere. In situations like these, people tend to prefer to leave in denial, that nothing bad will happen, that all will be well, etc. Of course as the saying goes, “if wishes were horses……”, and as we know they are never horses of course.


So what are we looking at then? How will this play out? As Sejjusa warned us several months back, Mr. Museveni, forgot the campaigning etc., is already in the post-election mode. In fact, am told there is a committee working on things like cars to be used during the swearing in of Mr. Museveni. If Mr. Museveni intended to hand over power, he would not have turned the issue of an independent electoral commission into one life and death. He wants Mr. Kiggundu for a purpose and that purpose must be fulfilled no matter the cost. At least that is Mr. Museveni’s calculation unless Ugandans stop him. Yet, the opposition, or the anti-Museveni coalition, because it now goes beyond the traditional opposition groups, is determined, to quote some of the statements they make, “die while protecting our votes and our victory”. So we are in a situation where it’s a zero-some game. No matter which side you may be on.


Such is the political landscape as we enter into the last days of the campaign. Yes, people are starting to store food, booking flights, etc. These things never come out of the blue, they are always here for us to see but we always pretend they don’t matter. They have been happening all around us and beyond.


This then brings me to the point I began with, the situation obtaining in the world, in the region, what impact will it have here when the dice is cast? On the warrying parties? Let’s face it, Museveni too is too breaking to sustain a protracted struggle. He has no economy to do so. And the opposition forces? Do they have the stomach for it? for that is all that is required.


Tomorrow I will bring to you the Museveni end game and discuss if this free fall can be halted. I will also tell you where I think the opposition forces should look.


General David Sejusa is the chairman of Free Uganda a ppolitical pressure group; a decorated senior ranking army officer awarded with DAMU Medal and the Luweero Triangle Medal, is a Ugandan lawyer and politician. He was the coordinator of intelligence services and a senior presidential adviser to President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni.

He was also a member of High Command UPDF, the UPDF defense council and a former member of parliament representing the Uganda People’s Defense Force.