Confessions of a former NRM Cadre

Confessions of a former NRM Cadre

This was first written by Joseph Tumushabe  on April 26, five years ago! and the accompanying note is ” Not a word I would change today”:
Did someone walk the journey I walked or was I alone? In 1985 I really prayed for and did all that was in my ability to support M7 with his kadogos. I believed every word, yes every word that he said. Those who know me well will tell you that to me M7 was the ultimate address of the ills that Uganda had suffered from 1970 – 1986. In my Second Year at Makerere University I was among the first volunteers to register to go to the national School of Political Education, Kyankwanzi in Cadre 7 group. I drank the gospel of NRM before it became the Movement. I was a cadre in spirit and word who preached and defended all it stood for and the “truth” as it was then taught to us. I learnt the art of questioning everything that had hitherto been taught to me.

Fast forward, Uganda invaded Congo in 1997 and toppled Mobutu. Then lies after lies started being piled-up to explain bizarre happenings in which our brothers and sisters in the Congo were involved. I saw the newly renamed UPDF getting rendered a corporate-military business venture or mercenary force that was used primarily to grease the wheels of the patronage system.
UPE came in. Ministers withdrew their children from UPE schools into private ones. I was flabbergasted! I started seeing the double life of M7 and his government. State house became the award centre for scholarships! The Central Scholarships Committee was killed. Ministers were impeached by Parliament, Salim Saleh and Katto ate the chopper deal money and non-other than my hitherto hero YKM openly defended the thieves! Then, yes, then I knew I had been short changed. I saw I saw the struggle, achievements and hopes of millions of Ugandans and their contributions getting appropriated in a shameless piece of political gamesmanship. I was furious deep down in my heart. How could I have been so daft not to see the lies?

It was then that I embarked on the journey to discover President M7 and the system that had set me up. My real life research journey landed me first in war-torn Gulu, I went to Luwero, I spent years in Teso Region, I went to villages in Kasese, Kibale, Fort Portal, Hoima, Masindi, West Nile, Lira, Kitgum, Busoga, Kabale and the whole of Ankole. Yes, I did research in Bugisu and Bukedi and there must be no more than than 5 sub-counties in Buganda that I have not lived in for at least two days. I lived with the people, the suffering masses and the privileged. I know rural Uganda like the back of my hands. I talked to people you may never have the chance of meeting. Real people that have smiled and grieved at the hands of the M7 regime and those of the regimes that preceded it. My struggle goes on. Aluta Continua.
So when I see preachers of the Gospel of “What M7 has done for us” and those of this World attempting to defend the regime that is a sham, a lie, I look behind with the wisdom from a lifetime of experience and information and knowledge of living with Ugandans through more than 90% of my country. I ask the question … do these people know what M7 style of governance based on patronage has cost us in terms of development? I pity them for not seeing the big picture in time. I also smile well knowing they will much sooner than later be where I have been. We have a common destiny whether we are driven by our convictions or our greed.


Joseph Tumushabe


Cordinator for Africa Region

Canada’s Position on the Uganda’s Elections


FROM: Foreign Affairs Minister, Canada

The office of your Member of Parliament the Honourable Bill Morneau has forwarded to me your email on February 25, 2016, concerning the situation in Uganda.

Canada had a small team of observers on the ground during the elections on February 18, 2016, who witnessed a number of irregularities with the electoral process. Canada as well as many of our likeminded partners expressed concerns with the elections to the government. I invite you to consult the following responses by our High Commissioner to Uganda, Mr. David Angell, and myself at and

While Canada congratulated the Ugandan people for holding largely peaceful elections, we voiced our concern with the arrest and continued detention of opposition political figures, and the prospect of those actions inciting violence. We are also concerned with the blackout of social media platforms given its impact on the right to freedom of speech. We also noted with regret the findings of various international election observation missions, which highlighted, amongst others, concerns over the transparency and independence of Uganda’s Electoral Commission and alleged misuse of state resources for campaign financing purposes. Canada has encouraged authorities, the government, and opposition leaders to work in collaboration to address these issues, in support of the full rights of all Ugandans and the electoral process.

In the period leading up to the election, Canada supported two projects in Uganda aimed at enabling civil society during the electoral period. Through local partners on the ground, these projects focused on protecting and promoting freedoms of expression and assembly and on strengthening the rights and freedoms of human rights defenders.

We are very concerned about the renewed detention of opposition leader Kizza Besigye for “unlawful assembly” four days after the police ended his six‑week long house arrest. We are following legal proceedings closely. We continue to encourage the Government of Uganda to uphold the principles of democracy including the inclusion of all Ugandans in the political process and encouraging changes in Uganda’s Electoral Commission to improve its transparency and independence.

Thank you for taking the time to write.


The Honourable Stéphane Dion, P.C., M.P.

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Press Release:Subject;Human Rights Abuses.


Press Release: 

Date: 21-04-2016

Subject: Human Rights Abuses 



Uganda Diaspora P10, a pressure group of Ugandans resident abroad and a major stakeholder in the social, political and economic development of Uganda has reached to a conspicuous decision to spearhead the recourse in the general situation in Uganda. We have exercised restraint in the face of violent provocation by the state actors against our elected leaders, families and the citizens of Uganda. However, this patience and commitment have reached a tipping point and we can’t remain spectators to watch the people’s President Dr. Kizza Besigye being treated in an undignified manner and dehumanized, we are not accepting his unalienable rights to be trampled upon with impunity by the state.

Dr. Kizza Besigye is a leader elected by Ugandans by a majority of more than 52% of voters in the recently concluded and rigged elections. Dr. Besigye is not an ordinary person in the eyes and hearts of Ugandans who braced state torture, harassments, and intimidation on the 18th Feb 2016 to select him as their President. A national leader of his stature cannot be a permanent candidate of arbitrary mistreatment by the state actors as we simply look on like it’s merely a spectacular event. A violation of his rights endangers the very existence of Uganda as a country and herald the fact that this dictatorship does not respect the rule of law. Respect for human dignity and protection from inhuman treatment is enshrined in the national constitution and international Charter of Rights, for which Uganda is a signatory. No person shall be subjected to any form of torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Uganda Diaspora P10 also strongly condemns the selective and discriminatory approach the regime is undertaking to resolve the ethnic clashes in the Rwenzuru region. Reports of, security officers arresting only Bakonzo tribesmen in neglect of the crucial fact that in any conflicts there are two parties involved.

Bakonzo, are equally victims of this politically motivated ethnic tension which was instigated by none other than the sitting regime, why should the state protect the culprits in other ethnicities in the region? Or escort them to round up and persecute the Bakonzo?. This open bias implicates the state as the fomenter of the ethnic division in the region, no citizen should be living in fear because of who they politically choose to support.

Therefore, in response to the above-listed injustices, Uganda Diaspora community has passed the phase of lamentation; we have full confidence in the capacities of the people of Uganda on freeing themselves from oppression. Uganda Diaspora P10 is now embarking on recourse of reinforcing the citizens of Uganda to use whatever constitutional and peaceful means to liberate themselves and deliver all those committing crimes against the people to justice in international courts. We are hereby making this statement to the following:



  1. To the Ruling Regime;

We are informing the regime that violence is not the monopoly of the exploiters and as such the exploited can use it to free themselves when forces of oppression assert to maintain themselves in power against established laws and wishes of the people. Uganda Diaspora P10 has come to the inevitable conclusion that a government which takes up arms to respond to the peaceful protest of the people against their oppressors glorifies violence as a means of engagement.

Uganda Diaspora P10 condemns the consistent excessive use of force and brutality against the unarmed civilians and People’s President.

Blocking the peoples’ president from reaching his home district Rukungiri, vandalizing his car and pepper spraying him, Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago was a restful barbaric act.

The selective targeting of the Bakonzo in the iron-fisted security operation in the Rwenzuru region is not only discriminatory but it’s a clear violation of their fundamentals human rights, this is inconsistent with the international charter on human rights and can only aggravate the existing ethnic tension.

A legitimate government has the responsibility of providing common benefits and security of persons and property of all Ugandans. Any government’s actions contrary to these purposes makes it an indubitable duty of citizens to provide their own security, to secure their own property and to defend their unalienable, indefeasible right, to reform, alter, or abolish it, in such manner as shall be judged most appropriate. The right to change regime is an inherent one when people are oppressed by a tyranny, it is their natural right to relieve themselves of the oppression by overthrowing the regime and reconstituting it with a government as prescribed by the 1995 Constitution of Uganda.  

The Uganda 1995 Constitution (as amended) states thus;

(1) All power belongs to the people who shall exercise their sovereignty in accordance with this Constitution. (2) Without limiting the effect of clause (1) of this article, all authority in the State emanates from the people of Uganda; and the people shall be governed through their will and consent. (4) All citizens of Uganda shall have the right and duty at all times— (a) to defend this Constitution and, in particular, to resist any person or group of persons seeking to overthrow the established constitutional order; and (b) to do all in their power to restore this Constitution after it has been suspended, overthrown, abrogated or amended contrary to its provisions



  1. to the Political Leaders Both Ruling and Opposition:

Whenever the legislators connive with the state to take away and destroy the rights and the property of the people or to reduce them to slaves under arbitrary power, they put themselves on a collision path with the people. The people of Uganda shall now allow them to trample upon their rights forever. Ugandan Diaspora P10 has absolved to empower Ugandans from any further obedience to you. This dictatorship has reduced, tortured and humiliated Ugandans such that Ugandans have become refugees and second class citizens in their own country. This is unaccepted.

  1. To all the bodies mandated to safeguard citizens’ rights;

Your continued obedience to the dictatorship has transformed all of you to instruments of oppression. You have lost the legitimacy as defenders of the peace and wellbeing of Ugandans. You have become the enemies of the people of Uganda. Your inability to remain neutral is not very useful to Ugandans and time is running out for you to reform. Should you remain adamant to do the needful whenever it is possible or necessary to the citizens, we shall hold you accountable for the abuses exacted on Ugandans and injustices that you commit.

  1. to the citizens of Uganda;

Those who are in the conspiracy of silence during moments of oppression build a nation full of the cowardly citizenry. We have not only the vested powers in ourselves to defend our existence, but we also have the moral obligation to resist oppression. This struggle is not about a liberator, don’t wait for a liberator. You are the liberator. Liberators do not exist without the oppressed being fully conscious of their conditions. Liberators only exist within the people in the process of liberating themselves. You are mandated by the Constitution of Uganda to liberate yourselves from the dictatorship, savagery, and oppression. For those who have occasioned fence sitters, you should be reminded that indecision is a conspiracy in subtle support of repression. Your neutrality only militates against you and entrenches the dictatorship. In fact, you should be reminded of the wise counsel of the iconic South African Archbishop, Desmond Tutu that “…if you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality”.


We have to make a remarkable determination to restore the rule of law in Uganda, uphold peace and pledge a commitment to a common purpose of stable, violence-free democracy for the future generations.


For God and My Country.



Uganda Diaspora P10 




-Gen YK Museveni

The outgoing president of Uganda


– The International community


– All Uganda pro-democracy and human rights activists


– Global Human Rights Defenders.


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When Political Stench Meets Academia


When Political Stench Meets Academia

Acclaimed scholar Dr. Stella Nyanzi is currently in trouble with her immediate Supervisor over her unapologetic support for Dr. Besigye through social media activism. Every reasonable social media tracker in Uganda and beyond has been recently reading the mistreatment of our writing Queen and Sexuality guru as well as celebrated feminist Dr. Stella Nyanzi by her employers.

The issue bringing the pair into collision could be said to be purely academics, however if you follow the way things are done in NRM’s Uganda, one can quickly conclude that it’s undeniably politically motivated. Stella is acclaimed for her boldness of supporting the FDC and most especially an ardent supporter of Dr. Kizza Besigye.The state seems to have a serious reservation with this relationship considering Stella has such an attractive personality with an enormous following on social media. The state, therefore, considers Stella as an ideological threat to their agenda. Like we all know they will always try to find backdoors and underhand channels of crippling and eventually eliminate influential citizens who don’t subscribe to their ideology. Ideally, Stella falls in the statistics of those who the regime has witch hunted for opposing them. The state has made a calculated move of disrupting her work since by law they cannot dismiss her from work. The general idea is to put her into a defensive position to disrupt her concentration.

For this to be achieved, the state devised a scheme of remotely controlling Stella by squeezing Professor Mamdani the Executive Director of Makerere University Institute of Social Research (MISR) whose position has been advertised (he still qualifies) and the direct supervisor of Stella into evicting her from office. When that was resisted by Stella, the professor accused her of being incompetent.

However, the good old Professor seems to have crashed into a solid rock. Stella is putting up a formidable fight back. An email copied to me written by Stella to Mamdani seems to be about the staying off her eviction from university authorities but has been ignored by Prof. Mamdani as of 15th April 2016 who insists that she must leave. I must commend Stella for being a good student of Dr. KB the people’s president. “We win by defiance and noncompliance”.

Stella has not only published a whopping 61 publications she has written but also owns a very impressive academic CV to disprove the accusations of the Prof.

I have extracted the excerpt of the letter and various publications by Stella that disapproves the allegations of incompetence against her.


To further straighten my research record, I have amassed the appended list of my research-based publications. The over sixty (60+) publications below attest to my hard work as an anthropologist, researcher, scholar, thinker and writer invested in the production of academic knowledge about diverse aspects of human sexualities. The most recent eighteen publications were all published during my five years so far spent at MISR. Statistically, this productivity translates into an average of four publications per annum. Which other Research Fellow has similar or greater rate of productivity at MISR? Moreover, why do you include my publications in MISR’s annual reports if I am not working? If I was not participating in research as you falsely allege, where did I get the data, time and materials for these publications?

Being well aware of precedents at MISR of forceful break and entry into staff offices upon your instructions, I have been wise enough to remove my personal books for security purposes. However, I have left my sensitive research data and delicate equipment in my office at MISR, until I receive conclusive instructions from the Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of space at Makerere University. I will retain my MISR office keys until my lawful appointing authority advises about an alternative office.

The dice were rolled. Let the games ensue. And may the better player win.

Stella Nyanzi (Ph.D.),

Research Fellow – MISR.

Like you, I am eager to know how this intellectual exchanges will be resolved, Stella should not be victimized for articulating her mind that’s what she does for a living, why to gag her? That’s what all academics should be doing and she is leading by example. Stella’s political loyalty is a matter of her fundamental right and can’t be dictated. Ugandans are proud and very fond of Stella because she is straight talking and fearless. BATTLE IS WON; DR STELLA NYANZI IS BACK IN HER OFFICE……….Never mess with a social researcher. She knows how you would react even before you know it. She knows social psychology…. And most of all holds a hard worked P.H.D….Therefore, she holds that office not on favor but by MERIT…

Proud of Dr. Stella Nyanzi this is not only Stella’s problem but there many women suffering from this problem and are quietly crying under oppression of men like Mahmoud Mamdani….Some women are forced into sexual acts so as to keep their jobs which reward them with HIV/AIDS…In this modernized world we need Equal rights and Equal opportunities…. yes, we can….AND I WILL CONTINUE FIGHTING FOR SUCH WOMEN BEING OPPRESSED BY MEN…WE ARE ALL EQUAL IN THE FACE OF GOD.

Dr. Nyanzi told reporters that she was gratified by the decision.

“Even powerless can be heard,” she said.  “My office has been opened. I want to thank those who supported me in the struggle. I have fought for the last 6yrs. It has taken the power of the VC and Administration to intervene.”

She added, “He locked mine and I also locked his. I told them that I will only give him his keys only if mine is opened. I have shown him my nudity. That’s the weapon I used to win, I will even show him my womanhood.”

The truth in this public spat between Dr. Stella Nyanzi and Prof. Mamdani is politically laced but obvious university authorities are trying to spin the truth for their convenience. Those who work closely with the institute know Professor Mamdani is trying to renew his contract (An advert was recently made public for his position) and judging from the way the invisible hands operate there is a well-founded suspicion that they could have asked him to get rid of Dr. Stella Nyanzi for him to get himself a contract renewal.

Professor Mamdani is a kind of larger than life untouchable figure in the University but in Stella it, unfortunately, seems iron has collided with iron; she is simply resisting the bully. Mr. Mamdani certainly adds academic value to the university, however in the area of resource mobilization Dr. Stella has also done her part which the Professor recognized in his recent annual report.

The university is a semi-autonomous body and therefore desperately needs resources to fund its programs making Stella a valuable asset to the cash-strapped institution. Not all Makerere staff mobilize money for the university. As already indicated, Mamdani is cognizant of the fact that Stella is very productive. The grants Stella’s innovations bring to the university are used to conduct research, facilitate publication, students get attached to such projects and the publications contribute immensely to the ranking of the university. This is a contribution that the University management is not blind from.

However, they have a serious dilemma on their hands of how they can arbitrate the intellectual tussles between the two academic giants because if it evolves into a legal battle the university is in a very insolvent position to meet the legal compensation. Makerere is known to have lost many employments related court cases and may not want to add another by blindly following Mamdani whims.

Therefore, it’s imperative that they protect the asset in Dr. Stella Nyanzi regardless of who she politically supports, it’s a pride the university must compromise itself on, otherwise we shall be subjected to a daily dose of explicit exchange between the bullying professor and his defiant subordinate.

This goes beyond the personal level to National level. We need to get involved.

That Dr. Nyanzi has been posting a lot of the leopard and repression on her page, twitter and tabloids but with no help.

All stakeholders must come on board and look into her issue and the general issues around Makerere university.

She is going to make an impact on how Makerere is managed.

Business won’t be as usual again.

Like the University DVC in charge of administration did on Friday by staying Stella’s eviction, the university MUST find a quick solution to this embarrassing situation.

Reactions from other renowned female activists.

Ingrid Turinawe;

No Body can convince me that Dr. Stella Nyanzi is a mad woman. She has been Pushed So Hard to the wall. She Finds herself helpless with no any other tool to protect her job. She has openly and defiantly expressed her political stand like any other Ugandans employed or unemployed. Badru Kigundu has not been terminated for supporting a presidential candidate and stealing votes from him. Any termination of her Job should be done in a proper procedure and with relevant reasons in which she must have a right to defend herself. I will not Join any one castigating her! I Stand by your Stella Nyanzi. I painfully call for Opening her office. MANDAN hands off Stella Nyanzi NOW!! OPEN HER OFFICE NOW!


Publicity Team UG-DP10

Demonstration By Ugandans in Sweden


Demonstration By Ugandans in Sweden

Uganda Diaspora P10, the global pressure group for democracy and human’s rights advocacy held a peaceful demonstration on the 16th 04-2016 in Stockholm Sweden.

The P10 Sweden chapter coordinator and his team did a tremendous job of demanding the regime to respect people’s choice.

The evidence is available that Dr. Kizza Besigye got 52% of the vote cast in the February 18th elections.

If the regime contests this truth they should prove the citizens wrong in accepting for an independent election audit or swear Dr KB in. This pressure is yielding so many results and we are not turning back.

According to the narration of Julia’s Kavv “The procession was one of a Kind, it was a success attended by different colors and nationalities. who came out strong for peace and matching on the streets of Stockholm-Sweden to let the whole world know that the situation in Uganda led by dictator MUSEVENI is alarming”.


By Publicity Team UG-DP10

Kiraka Regime!


Kiraka Regime!



In Kiswahili the word “KIRAKA ” literally means worn out . Likewise Museveni and his criminal outfit called NRM have become like one of those old bicycle tube which keeps on self-destroying as you mend the KIRAKA. You can only patch an old bicycle tube up to a point, eventually, it loses shape and transforms to a thorny tube. In fact, Jesus articulated it well in the Bible:
Matthew 9:17
“And no one puts new wine into old wineskins. For the old skins would burst from the pressure, spilling the wine and ruining the skins. New wine is stored in new wineskins so that both are preserved.”
Likewise, you can’t be fixing a broken system in perpetuity, the dynamics keep changing every time, and for example, the challenges of the bush war eras are far much detached from the current demographics. We are tired of the talk of “we fought, we shed blood since 1986 nonsense” this talk together with the regime has outlived its usefulness and they continue to impose themselves onto the already restless and exasperated population. It’s evident that they can’t cope with the rate of the decay in the critical social service sectors, the breakdown is quicker that the pace they could refurbish the tired regime. The whole country is suffering from the pinch of social, political and economic distress because of one man’s agenda of life rule.
The spiraling human’s rights abuses; In a newly released US Department of State country report it pins the NRM regime on various human rights violations, including arbitrary killings, torture and cruel treatment, poor conditions in detention centers and harassment of Opposition politicians.
The report further reads; “The three most serious human rights problems in the country included: lack of respect for the integrity of the person (unlawful killings, torture, and abuse of detainees), restrictions on civil liberties (freedoms of assembly, expression), and violence and discrimination against marginalized groups, such as women and children,”  The decaying hospital equipment’s i.e. the Radiotherapy machine in Mulago national referral hospital, unfulfilled promises, increased unemployment, increased poverty, insatiable greed of the legislators, uncontrolled public expenditure, corruption etc.
The regime is now hell bent on pushing the citizens to the walls, incidences of masked criminal gangs working in tandem with the state to terrorize the helpless citizens can only drag Uganda to the perilous path of violence. In Syria what began as a series of peaceful protests against the repressive regime of Bashar al-Assad turned into a brutal civil war. Over 200,000 people have been killed and 6 million displaced. Ugandans have a history of not submitting to cruelty and it seems the regime has forgotten what took them to the bushes of Luwero; Uganda could potentially be on a slippery slope to another war?
President Museveni can afford to cage himself behind a bullet proof podium and assure his supporters that nobody will threaten the peace that NRM brought in the country, but the question is? does president Museveni ever accounts for the fate of his supporters as they leave his one-sided merry making galas?
President Museveni must come to terms and understand that gone are the days when leaders commit atrocities and expect the world to look the other way. Charles Taylor, Laurent Gbagbo, Savo Milosevic were once very powerful presidents who the long arm of the law eventually caught up with them. President Museveni and his ruling clique should only do the decent thing and concede to the legitimate winner of the February 18th 2-16 election winner otherwise they are in for a bumpy ride and we can’t rule out outright humiliation that another African revolutionary comrade Gadafi suffered.
Moses Atocon
Deputy Publicity Uganda Diaspora P10

Special kind of stupid

Ugandans are a special kind of stupid! Or at least their leaders and so-called NRM elite are! And those who elect them!
It takes a special kind of stupid to walk into a Ugandan hospital — and then go and re -elect Museveni after thirty years!
It takes a special kind of stupid to go to Kololo to “celebrate” with a 30 million shilling cake with 112 ladders at a ceremony worth 1.5 billion shillings when the only obsolete radiotherapy machine in the country, is broken!
It takes a special kind of stupid to hand over 70 billion shillings to the president’s office, not for its whole budget but for a supplementary budget after missing its vote to bribe the ageing incumbent back into power — when the only radiation machine in the country lies broken for want of 10 billion shillings! Magufuli in Tanzania scrapped his inauguration ceremony and allocated the money elsewhere. His first priority act was fixing the Tanzanian Mulago, Muhimbili.
The Ugandan leopard just loitered through Mulago — and business went on as usual while his sycophants continued singing their special kind of stupid NRM lies!
It takes a special kind of stupid to celebrate a government that relies on one radiotherapy machine donated to it in 1995!
It takes a special kind of stupid to elect a president who flies his daughter at your expense to Germany for a natural birth !
It takes a special kind of stupidity to put your faith in a government and politicians who despite being in power for thirty years, do not trust the local hospitals and all have their care at your own expense overseas! Whoever ever heard of anyone but a stupid person eating food prepared by a chef who would not eat his own food?
It takes a special kind of stupidity not to recognise that the only reason they run away is because they know that they are giving you crap — yet in a few weeks time, the same idiots first order of business is going to be buying themselves billions of dollars worth of cars and increasing their multimillion shilling wages — at your expense!
It takes a special kind of stupid to place one’s faith in a government of thieves who in thirty years have never ever prosecuted a single thief yet claim to be tough on corruption!
My dear old friend Patrick Kateihwaho and his wololos are celebrating the win of stupidity over common sense!
The definition of Stupid is: “Knowing the truth, seeing the truth, but still believing the lies.”
My dear friend Patrick and other regime sycophants rely on their closeness to the leopard to line their pockets with enough money to treat themselves overseas or get brown envelopes from him!
But if you asked them which facility in Uganda they would go to should one of the following ever happen to them or their own, they will look at you angazi, like a rabbit caught in bright headlights!
If they had cancer and needed a cancer operation, radiotherapy or cancer chemotherapy.
If they had a major heart attack and required emergency interventional cardiology for an angiogram and angioplasty.
If they had a major stroke and needed acute stroke care, including acute stroke thrombolysis and subsequent rehabilitation.
If they had kidney failure and required emergency and chronic renal dialysis.
If they needed a kidney, liver or heart transplant.
If they needed emergency eye surgery, a cataract removal or insertion of an artificial intraocular lens.
If they had an autoimmune condition, lymphoma or leukaemia and needed plasmapheresis, a peripheral stem cell collection, high-dose chemotherapy and an autologous stem cell, cord blood or a donor’s bone marrow transplant.
If they were caught in a fire and required a specialised burns unit.
if they were involved in a major road traffic trauma and required emergency trauma surgery including evacuation, stabilisation and transport!
Ignorance is bliss — but stupidity is inexcusable!
While Patrick and his friends celebrate and take peasants for a ride, the only radiation treatment machine is broken.
The truth is said, though, apart from the hype, patients may not actually be missing out on much as this machine is really a relic from the past!
Donated in 1995, it really is a marvel that its still in use. Cobalt machines have been phased out in many countries in favour of linear accelerators that do not use a radioactive source.
Cobalt sources are highly regulated and costly depending on whether you source them from a highly regulated country like Canada (80 -100,000 dollars) or a low regulation country like Russia (5,000 dollars).
Cobalt sources decay. They will decay whether you are using them or not. Each source has got to be replaced every five years and the energy drops off with time. Linear accelerators do not decay and can be turned off and on. The real cost in linear accelerators is the support contracts that can be quite costly. Linear accelerators maybe cheaper than cobalt machines to buy and install.
The real costs in setting up a new radiation facility are the setup or capital costs of building a bunker. A bunker has lead walls to shield radiation and prevent it leaking out to the surroundings. The new Uganda Cancer Institute has a site for a bunker but no money to build one and is waiting for the government. Given it has enough trouble getting the government to deliver upon annual costs, they may be waiting a long time — they have already been waiting anyway. It’s not quite clear though why they are building a new facility when they already have a bunker in the old radiation oncology facility they could reuse instead of decommissioning it or duplicating.
A modern machine treats about 60 people a day running at capacity! Its really unlikely that one ancient rickety machine that breaks down as much as it works would fill anywhere near the needs of a country of 35 going on 40 million people!
At the end of the day, the NRM government is really hoodwinking Ugandans!
I live in a city of 1.8 million people and a state of 2.5 million.
Last year two major new hospitals were built and opened. Several other new children’s and women’s hospitals have been constructed while others have had major expansions.
Each of these major hospitals has got hundreds of doctors and each specialist department has got more doctors and specialists than the whole country, Uganda. When my father had his operation last year, his specialist had rooms on a street barely 300 metres that have more urologists than the whole country Uganda.
But it takes a special kind of stupid, one only found in Uganda to imagine that Uganda, a country of almost 40 million people thought it fit to sell its less than four urologists to a small Carribean island nation.
That this made sense to some idiots in the NRM government takes a special kind of stupid to understand!
In this small city that by the way is a lot bigger than Kampala which has a bigger population, there are 4 radiation oncology facilities and a fifth in a small town 200 km away. even that one has 2 or 3 machines, several planning CT scanners, a radiology unit next door with several CT scanners, an MRI and a PET scan.
In any of the teaching, metropolitan and private hospitals one can get a CT scan 24 hours including weekends. Mulago’s one old machine has got limited uses and works 9 to 5!
The door to needle time for an acute stroke or heart attack is down to within an hour!
Specialised cancer surgery services for various tumours are integrated with medical oncology services and radiation oncology services through multidisciplinary teams -Upper gastrointestinal (GI), colorectal, gynaecological, breast, sarcoma, urological and neurological. Palliative care services in the hospital and the community provides care to cancer patients. Social support, transport assistance, accommodation etc all assist the patient access treatment. Patients have access to drugs some costing well over 150,000 USD per patient per year.
Some are going to point out that Uganda is a third world country BUT that’s not the point here.
While my parents were here last year, they witnessed a change of government. In the morning, there were rumours denied of course by the government of a challenge. By the evening news, they were announcing the result of a prime ministerial challenge and a new PM. The next morning, we woke up and went to work like nothing had happened. all services were uninterrupted. No one was shot, harrassed or imprisoned. By the next evening, swearing in was done and the old PM disappeared into the sunset not to appear again on TV! That is called civilisation! Compare with the leopards threats!
The chaos in Uganda is not poverty. It’s governance — stupid! It takes a special kind of stupidity not to recognise this and keep on making the same mistakes!
In 1986, a young Museveni declared that “a government that could not provide services to the people had no right being in power”
Thirty years later his followers and sycophants are too stupid to recognise the wisdom of those words!
And that’s why if the Museveni of 1986 were to meet the Museveni of today, he would have him shot on sight!
Politicians need to be recycled often —- like underwear! It takes a special kind of stupid to want the same old man to stay in power after thirty years!
Poor Patrick Kateihwaho! Middle age is coming with the need for more specialised medical care! All of the above medical problems happen to middle-aged and older overweight men and women ie typical NRM eaters! Yet he is singing “steady progress” to the bottom!
It takes a special kind of stupid …!



Drew Dembe
Is a Ugandan medical practitioner and a prolific blogger based in Australia.

Semuwemba lands a punch on Mwenda.

Social media has killed the brains of many young people. In the olden days, to publish an opinion you needed to convince editors with the intellectual rigor of your argument. So you had to back your argument with facts, tone your language and improve your writing style.
With social media, anyone with an idea, however, stupid and incoherent, however, uninformed and ridiculous, however, uncouth and insulting, can post it on social media and get their voice heard – if anyone hears them at all.
While this may have “democratized” public discourse, it has also adulterated it. Just imagine if all you needed to get a Ph.D. was to write 300 pages of whatever came to your mind. What would happen to academia? That is what has happened to public debate.
Andrew M. Mwenda
I read Andrew Mwenda’s negative views on social media, and I couldn’t believe that this was the same Andrew who once upon a time was fighting for ‘all’ views to be heard. Now, he’s preaching censorship of the social media as probably what his editors do at his magazine. Yes, it is censorship every time a newspaper decides not to print a letter to the editor.Simple factual reporting has disappeared from most of our media, and most statements of “fact” are corrupted by adjectives that “slant” the article to mirror the publisher’s viewpoint. Andrew himself has got a page in his paper:the Last Word’ purposely to portray himself as the ‘king of opinions’. Most Ugandans are so accustomed to this sort of “reporting” they aren’t even aware their opinions are being manipulated.
Most newspapers no longer operate on the basis of a Fairness Doctrine yet It should be possible to present whatever views one wants to present regardless of whether the views are ‘stupid and incoherent, uninformed and ridiculous,(to quote Mr.Mwenda). When you own the media, you can MANIPULATE the “customer base” in any way it suits you. Most of the editors now place inflated profits ahead of the principles that built fair journalism, and that’s the gap that has been filled in by the social media. I honestly don’t know when I last read an article from the Newvision as everything I need is on Facebook and UAH.
“Free speech” is most certainly at issue if the speaker is denied a forum in which to express unpopular views. (I’m sure Germans in the 1930’s could speak against Hitler among like-minded friends, if they were cautious about it – that isn’t quite the same thing as “free speech”!). Freedom of speech is just that: freedom to speak. Let people write whatever they want on social media, no one is required to listen.
By the way,censorship is not inherently bad; it’s necessary to a certain extent. If you’re a parent,you censor what your young children watch, hear, and do. But when the kids have become adults, the approach changes, and I believe most of the people using social media are adults. As a moderator, I only censor ‘adults’ who are behaving as little children, but I have no right to call anybody’s opinion ‘stupid’ because it may not be to some people.
By Abbey Semuwemba.
Abbey Semuwemba is a Ugandan based in the UK ; A Human Rights Activist and blogger -the founder and chief administrator of Ugandans at Heart (UAH)


Concerns about escalating abuse of human rights and conflict in post-election Uganda.




Subject: Concerns about escalating abuse of human rights and conflict in post-election Uganda.

As the country continues to hurt with the upper handed election fraud and eventual coup waged against the people of Uganda, the Uganda Diaspora P10 is concerned with the escalating post elections conflict situations that have riddled Kasese, Bundibugyo, Ntoroko, Kampala, and Kapchorwa.

The continued murder in cold blood of people in these opposition strongholds requires immediate international intervention. In Kasese, Bundibugyo and Ntoroko, nearly 60 people have been murdered extra-judicially in the last 2 weeks alone. The gory images of dead people continue to litter the streets and appear on national TV news on the daily. It is worrying. The armed forces of Uganda have been an active ingredient in inciting and exacting these murders, arrests, provocations, and harassment of the local people. In light of these developments, the Uganda Diaspora P10 recognizes that the escalating conflict in the Rwenzori region is purely political, not tribal, as we are being forced to believe. It is a clear indication that this regime is waging protracted revenge killings, torture, and exacting gross violation of human rights so as to coerce support where it has none.

We are further concerned about the directives issued by the Commander-in-Chief of Uganda people’s defense forces (UPDF), for deployments of heavy military arsenals and army in the Rwenzori region in an operation code-named “Usalama Rwenzori”. The Uganda Diaspora P10 considers this a knee-jerk reaction of the regime to suppress legitimate concerns of the people of the region. This is reminiscent of “ Operation Iron Fist” and preceding Scorched Earth Policy of the 1990s ordered in the north of Uganda during the times of insurgency. We all recall well how those military operations destroyed the livelihoods of the people of the north for decades, decimated, and humiliated the people there. We are afraid that the situation in the Rwenzori region will deteriorate into the same levels of human suffering if left to the vices of this regime.

The Continued military occupation of these districts serves to narrow the space for the exercise of constitutional rights of the people. More so, people’s liberty and freedom of expression continue to be suppressed violently. We urge the Uganda Police under Gen Kale Kayihura to restrain itself from inciting violence and perpetuating lawlessness in the Rwenzori region. It is very clear that the regime is imposing itself on the people after usurping people’s will through vote rigging. The regime knows that the people are not with it. To establish its legitimacy, it is now resorting to violent coercion, intimidation, and by ensuring a strong presence of its instrument of repression in the opposition strongholds. This approach is not sustainable in the long run, as it will generate more apathy, discontent, anxiety, and escalation of violence.

Naturally, people will become defiant and noncompliant to unlawful conducts of the police and the army.

We advise dictator Museveni and his henchmen that whatever they are doing contravenes the laws of Uganda and many international laws that protect the political and economic rights of the people. We are keenly watching as the situation deteriorates and we guarantee the actors in this heinous crime against the people of Uganda, a steep indictment.

To restore peace and harmony in Uganda, the regime should hand over power peacefully to the rightful winner of the February 18, 2016, Presidential elections. This will enable Uganda to return to the course of democracy and peace that many have so desired.

We applaud Dr. Kizza Besigye for remaining calm and peaceful during these hard times when his rights have been trampled upon unconscionably. The world is watching in solidarity. Dr. Kizza Besigye remains a subject of Police harassment, curtailment and several forms of human rights violations. We condemn the Police, its Inspector General Kale Kayihura and all the officers who have built a career by involving in acts of impunity, that have eroded the value of sanity, law and order.

We call upon the international community and those who value democracy and democratic governance to reign in on the regime. Uganda is right now under military occupation with orders to shoot-to-kill anyone who lawfully exercises their fundamental rights. Dictator Museveni has promised to wipe out opposition groups from the country. Indeed, events ensuing in the country have so far been very consistent with Dictator Museveni’s promise. And, we foresee the situation slowly growing into genocide if it is unchecked.

Our fears are not far-fetched, given that Uganda, under President Museveni has previously left a trail of blood in the great lakes region,Rwanda in 1994 ,DRC from 1998 to 2003 ,the war of annihilation in Northern Uganda that lasted nearly 25 years; and recently the decimation of Bor, a small settlement town in Southern Sudan with banned cluster munitions.

We pray for a return to the rule of law, respect for human rights, peace and tranquil in our motherland.

Uganda Diaspora P10 -Publicity team.

My Message to The Youth of Uganda:

My Message to The Youth of Uganda:

Claim Your Country! Claim Your Future!



Thank you for fulfilling your civic duty by voting for change. Your enthusiastic participation in the stolen 2016 elections demonstrates that you wanted to change the politics of this country and secure your future through the ballot box; only to be frustrated by partisan security agencies and an incompetent electoral commission. The electoral process was rigged using intimidation of voters, imprisonment of opponents, sabotage of rallies, late delivery of election materials, delayed opening of election centers, vote falsification at undisclosed tally centers, and bribery, among other malpractices.

But do not be discouraged — the struggle for a democratic dispensation did not start and end on Election Day and the electoral process itself did not end with the announcement of doctored results. Therefore, do not surrender. The majority of you were not even born when the current NRM regime came into power in 1986. Yet all you have inherited are the consequences of its bad governance.

Youth unemployment in Uganda is known to be the highest in Africa estimated to be between 62% and 83%! I addressed the unemployment rate, deteriorating the quality of education, corrupt credit schemes that did not benefit you; and the desperate circumstances of Uganda’s youth during my campaigns. You know your conditions better than me. The election has been rigged and the government is doing all it can to silence me. It is time for you to claim your rights and lead this struggle.

Uganda’s future, your future is in your hands. Remain firm. We can make this country work for each and every one of us. But you must assert yourselves and claim your future. There is no other person who will do it for us.

Here is where we are: As of now there is no winner, the election process has not ended. The law gives us 10 days after the announcement of results to challenge the outcome that is announced. As you all know, I have spent the first of those ten days under house arrest. I am now left with 9 days to exercise this right. Therefore, tomorrow I am going to the Electoral Commission to receive their results. I will then meet the campaign team and following that we will go around the country and collect all our information in order to prepare a well-considered response. This is a right we take for granted and are not asking for permission.

I invite you my friends,

To rally behind the demand for an independent and transparent audit of the 2016 presidential election results. Explain this to all your friends.

If you are in Kampala join me to walk to the Electoral Commission. We leave my gate at Kasangati at 9:00 AM.

Police will try to stop us; I know, but this is about claiming our rights. We will walk peacefully.

In every village, collect the Declaration Forms that may still be in your possession. Use your phone or camera to photograph the results Declaration form. We will tell you how to transmit them.

My friends online, engage our African brothers and sisters as well as the international community to reject the results and support our demands for an independent audit

Friends, I have warned that we are witnessing a creeping military coup that aims to subvert the will of the people. We set out to claim our rights and our country through defiance, not compliance. We are still on that path and we shall win by defiance NOT compliance. The NRM government believes that by isolating me the defiance campaign is dead but it was not a one-man campaign. This was your campaign and you must now LEAD IT! Peaceful protest is a human right that is in our Constitution. As you know whenever we have gone out to exercise that right peacefully we have been met with extreme violence. But we will not be cowed. The most brutal dictatorships have crumbled when the people asserted themselves. In Philippines, Romania, Guatemala, Tunisia, Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso, we have seen them fall when the youth stood up for their rights. There will be pain and sacrifice. I am ready for it and I have been absorbing it. Do not be afraid, it is our historic duty.


Aluta Continua

For God and Our Country