Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni is likely to be the next rogue African despot to be charged for War crimes and Crimes against humanity.

Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni is likely to be the next rogue African despot to be charged for War crimes and Crimes against humanity, after the successful prosecution of former Chadian dictator Hissene Habre by an African Union court.

Free Uganda Statement on the occasion of the sentencing of former Chadian dictator Hissene Habre to life imprisonment for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity.

Posted by Dr Vincent Magombe, Secretary Free Uganda Leadership Committee and Press Secretary FU – 31/05/2016

Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni better take note – one of Africa’s most prolific anti-people terrorist, Hissene Habre, has just been found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment for war crimes and crimes against humanity, by the African Union’s specially established ‘Extraordinary African Chambers’.

Next may be you, Mr Museveni! The terror and barbarism that you are unleashing on a daily basis onto the Ugandan population is no different from that which Hissene Habre unleashed on Chadian people.

These charges against Hissene Habre, which include charges of murder, torture, etc., are premised on Mr Habre’s grievous violations of the rights and freedoms of the people of Chad – things that Ugandan people are now very familiar with – for example the mass imprisonment, enforced disappearance, and torture, etc., which are now a common feature of Ugandan life.

Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni, assisted by his barbaric terror gangs, commanded by the notorious General Kale Kayihura and Museveni’s own son Muhoozi Kaneirugaba, who was recently irregularly promoted to the rank of Major General, has intensified a savage campaign of murder, kidnappings, arrests and torture of pro-democracy activists, which including the illegal detention of top leaders of the freedom struggle, for example Dr Kizza Besigye who is being illegally held at Luzira prison in Kampala.

The conviction of Chad’s Hissene Habre, on similar accusations as those now being levelled at Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni, should be a wake up to call for Museveni and his likes, who should begin to realise that even the African Union, which until now has been seen as a toothless entity that just looked on as rogue African leaders terrorised and dehumanised the continent’s masses, may no longer tolerate such fascistic and inhumane illegalities. African killers and terrorist despots will no longer roam freely on the African continent. They will no longer kill, torture and illegally imprison thousands of innocent African people with impunity.

Museveni clearly qualifies as a candidate for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity trial, either by the African Union’s ‘Extraordinary African Chambers’ or the International Criminal Court at The Hague.

His continued terrorising and dehumanising of innocent Ugandan citizens should be judged in the same way as Hissene Habre’s illegalities.

Free Uganda applauds the African Union and the ‘Extraordinary African Chambers’. for successfully prosecuting and sentencing one of the most vicious killers and torturers of African people.

We now urge you to turn your attention to the long-suffering people of Uganda.

We, too deserve our liberation from this incredible savagery and terrorism from Museveni and his gangs.

The Struggle for a free and peaceful Uganda continues.


Vincent Magombe

Publicity secretary

General sweating plasma





The FDC fraternity has just experienced what we called an ethical dilemma in making a decision to comply with rules of the Opposition in Parliament.  An ethical dilemma occurs when a compelling circumstance arises where the voice of reason ought to prevail bearing in mind all the plausible alternatives, and choosing the ones that maximize benefits, causes the least harm and generally good intentioned for the cause.


Many commentaries arose challenging FDC Party President, Gen Muntu’s decision to comply with demands to play Opposition in Parliament. FDC has the largest number of sworn MPs in the 10th Parliament and yet, FDC has also engulfed in the fight that its Presidential flag bearer won February 18, 2016, general elections. Gen Muntu says, his party cannot wail over spilled milk forever and that it is high time they realized that NRM usurped power and established itself as the ruling party.


Muntu’s fluidity in this compliance may not be something unusual but the timing matters. Many of the NRM sympathizers in Opposition have already applauded his decision and lavished Gen. Muntu as the voice of moderation. In fact, the very reason that a significant section of FDC historicals opposed the candidature of Dr. Kizza Besigye for the last election was also that Gen Muntu is amiable. However, the Ugandan politics is getting increasingly complex and devoid of principles.


Uganda no longer has genuine opposition to the government of President Museveni. Any plausible opposition should organize and claim its victory after an election. None of the so-called Opposition groups have the capacity to claim and galvanize their own victories. This is a dilemma because political parties have lost meaning and sense of purpose


Further, the traditional parties no longer have either the moral acuity or the capability to generate proper leadership, both within their own parties and for the country. Internal bickering, snitching, sabotage, slandering, and sectarian politics have compounded with personal greed to restrict space for the emergence  of new leadership. Members of the opposition are either in pursuit of a career or are in politics to build houses and obtain luxury. None of them can truly claim to have proper intentions of a true freedom fighter. The zeal for a free life has been subordinated with the lust for luxury.


For FDC, it is a bouncing platform where NRM plays its card games, and where those who have fallen out with NRM come to reload their political fortunes. In essence, most of the people in FDC are people who are struggling for personal glory as opposed to legitimate struggle for liberation. They believe they already liberated the country in 1986. The likes of Ingrid Turinawe, Kizza Besigye, and the committed struggles are labeled radicals and treated harshly for fear of this contradiction.


Both UPC and DP are now a variation of NRM. UPC- Akena is in bed with Mr. Museveni, while UPC-Otunnu is with Amama Mbabazi’s NRM since JPAM refuses to denounce the NRM. Then we have DP with a number of its members working directly with the intelligence networks to snitch and undermine the top party officials for a pittance. In essence, none of the so-called political parties in Uganda has the capacity or genuine interests to remove the dictatorship. For them, whether NRM or FDC is in power, their privileges remains consolidated. Preserved!


Given these conundrums, one can say that Dr. Kizza Besigye is a unique brand of politician. Dr. Besigye is betrayed by his contemporaries for his bravery and genuine efforts at removing dictatorship.


Since Dr. Besigye brand has become bigger than all the opposition groups combined, he is now more a subject of annihilation by the Opposition elements than even the establishment.


In submitting to the frauds of Mr. Museveni and taking the role of Opposition Party, Gen. Muntu can speak a tactical language all he wants. Many will view his move as treacherous to Dr. Besigye. At least, FDC could have first demanded that the state releases KB unconditionally and engages in dialogue to settle the political dilemma arising out of unresolved electoral reforms for future elections.


It is just unusual to move on at this critical time when your leader is in prison, facing treason, or in the absence of electoral reforms.


Uganda Diaspora P10



Faceless unknown unrecognizable anonymous man with digital tablet computer browsing internet.




I pray the leadership of FDC calculates its survival carefully ,we have unsolicited advice from a genius here for free.



Faceless unknown unrecognizable anonymous man with digital tablet computer browsing internet.




On the purges of those opposed to choosing a Leader of Opposition (LoP) in parliament.


“FDC is under a serious test. It is not a simple matter appointing the leader of the opposition or not. If this issue is not handled carefully, it can spell doom for the party. In 1980, DP did not understand the ramifications of NRA going to the bush when it is they, DP who had won the election and chose to go and join Obote the election rigger.

It is that day of 6/2/1981 that marked the end of DP as a dominant party. Therefore, for a party that says it won an election to simply brush off the agitation of its members,when Besigye is still in jail and go to rub shoulders with the new killers, it may compromise its position and its very existence.

I won’t tell you my views on this but tread carefully. Listen to your people. Don’t just use the killer police to arrest youth. It is a mistake.”


NEW THREATS ON THE HORIZON – Rabba Naga’s main statement:


The long stay of Mr. Museveni in power has more to do with the failures of the opposition than the strength of Museveni and NRM as a party.
Take for instance the many times NRM has faced schisms, remember PAFO days? Remember what happened when Cerinah Nebanda died? Remember the panic and shambolic responses after Gen Sejjusa left, or when Hon Mbabazi left, etc.? During these breakups, NRM, specifically Museveni, was forced to bring in the army card which is always his last card.


But how does the opposition react to these “schisms”? They allow them to remain as NRM internal bickerings instead of seizing them, not merely as tactical advantages, but as strategic gains for the opposition.


The same opposition did not seem to understand the political value of late EriyaKategaya when he joined the FDC. He remained on the fringes and ultimately went back, mainly because, I suspect, he lacked any genuine space to operate. Yet Museveni who would never trust him ever again was still willing to give him his deputy premiership, why? To deny the opposition the political gains they didn’t realise.


We now come to the current confusion on whether to appoint a leader of the opposition or not. This, if not handled carefully could seriously weaken FDC. I doubt the opposition parties have sat down to chart out a way forward following the Museveni forceful capture of power or whatever name you want to give it.


Instead, parties are plotting against each other, FDC fears not taking up LoP (Leader of the Opposition post) will allow DP to undermine them. If DP were a serious party,as it ought to be, why do this? Because an FDC government would definitely be better than the Museveni dictatorship and DP has a bigger chance to take power from FDC than from NRM. So even from a selfish stand, DP ought to support actions of FDC.
So why does FDC require LoP? Not for political value to the country definitely, maybe for the 3bn in perks etc.
Perhaps FDC and opposition could gain more staying away considering their numbers. If you are 36 or 37 facing a mob of 330 operating under a muzzle of a gun, like you saw when Mr. Museveni literary took over parliament, like Obote did in 1966, if you cannot even get the reforms you wanted and your numbers keep getting smaller from 80 to 60s now to 30s, due to the way the dictatorship has captured the political space, with arms, why not sit down and get a new way to proceed than thinking it is business as usual, LoP, etc., etc.


Perhaps an FDC with 37 members only may gain more through Defiance than compliance. I suppose that is what Dr. Besigye was trying to sell. And he was right. If he wasn’t, it would not have frightened the state to force it to detain him. Which it cannot sustain ultimately.
I don’t want to be presumptive, but I think the opposition need to realise that this is an extraordinary period,which if handled correctly could see the opposition leap forward and if not well, could spell doom.


Defiance has many forms; one is not appointing the LoP. But is this the way the current leadership sees things. I don’t know.
It is up to the leaders to pull back and think about those people who have sacrificed their all for freedom.
But the struggle must continue in all forms.



Meeting The President In Luzira Maximum Prison


Today May 19, 2016, begun just like any other day when I was excited to meet fellow women activists for a breakfast and catching up. However, I ended up at Luzira Maximum Prison where I, together with Jackie Asiimwe-Mwesige visited the People’s President, retired Col. Dr. Kizza-Besigye Wrn, who is charged with treason. Meanwhile, On the other side of town, Parliament was in session, presided over by Yoweri Museveni, largely known as the Leopard, who was there to ensure that Rebecca Kadaga and Jacob Olanyah were elected as per his directive, Speaker, and Deputy Speaker respectively. The puppet 10th parliament had been duly subdued.


The opposition MPs that had ridden on Besigye’s popularity during the campaigns, were in attendance, after duly being sworn in as parliamentarians. While their leader languished in prison, their electorate cowed under the heavy military hand of the dictator, the MPs dined and wined with the dictator, oblivious of the fact that the elections were rigged and the man, widely believed to have won the elections was incarcerated. In essence, the opposition MPs had conceded defeat and given credibility to the sham elections.


Visiting a VIP, high-class prisoner, like Besigye requires one to have no ordinary guts, because, under the current regime, you too could be charged with treason for visiting or claiming to be friends with “an enemy of the dictator”. We arrived at Luzira at 11am and were told that Besigye would not receive visitors until after 12 noon. At 12.30pm our IDs were taken (presumably for verification by a higher authority) and we were permitted to proceed after a routine search of our vehicle and surrendering our personal effects, handbags, phones, and money. Upon getting to the Maximum Prison (Upper Prison), we were now told Besigye would not have visitors until after 2pm. We had no way of telling the time since our watches too had been surrendered. We were not ready to give up and so we sat adamantly knowing we would end up seeing Besigye.


As we waited, we learnt that Besigye, was not only a VIP, whom we had to meet in the presence of senior prisons officers, but because of his popularity, all other prisoners had to be locked up in their cells, in order not to cause commotion or a riot in the prison, as he moved around. Since there is no tear gas for the prisoners, precaution had to be taken, otherwise, the guards could be overpowered by the overflowing love by prisoners for the People’s President. At around 2.15pm, we were again registered and this time, photographed, including photos of our IDs that were all saved onto the computer. I’m confident all this was submitted to the one above, to keep watch on all those that visited the People’s President. However, we were told this is just an improvement of the security measures at the Prison.


A list of Besigye’s guests was compiled for his approval and we were fortunate to be among the first group of four to meet him. After another 30 minutes, we were finally allowed to walk through the heavy gates of the maximum unit. A body search was respectfully done and we were ushered into the presence of the President, with three senior officers, listening in to our conversation and noting every move we made.


Besigye who donned the yellow, short-sleeved prison uniform shirt and trouser, joyfully received us and joked about his situation as a prisoner. His uniform looked like some kind of night pajamas, and Jackie did not hesitate to tease him about that. He said he was very fine so far and looked relaxed. The rest of our talk was just as expected, the political comedy surrounding his trial and what to expect from the regime in terms of curtailing the people’s rights, especially those opposed to him. We learnt that there were over 2000 prisoners that were unjustly being held in the Maximum Prison without being convicted.


As we left prison, I wondered whether Uganda was ready for the type of democracy we were clamoring for. How can a Presidential candidate, be denied victory, then be imprisoned and unfairly charged with treason, for demanding an independent audit of the elections, and yet the MPs and councillors that worked with him for that robbed victory were giving credence to the dictatorship by being sworn in and seeking to be appointed to serve as the Leader of Opposition and to serve on the various committees in a sham Parliament. Can the western type of democracy work in Uganda or are we best served by the individual meritocracy and patronage systems? Do political parties have a future in Uganda, given the level of poverty among the people and politicians; the politics of survival, and the politics of Ethnicization? Can Ugandans come together to stand up against injustice and dictatorship or will the opposition be crushed in the next five years as promised by Museveni?


My day ended with these disturbing questions, which I sincerely need to be answered. I believe someone out there can provide answers to help us waddle through Uganda’s muddy political waters.



Sheila Kawamara-Mishambi is a Political and Women Rights Activist. She is also the Managing Director of the BF School for International Leadership Training, an institute for mentoring and coaching young people into leadership. She has been a Member of Parliament in the East African Community.

H.E Dr.Kizza Besigye is my President and that is FINAL

Mzee Kabulasoke`s weighs in to support the under persecution president H.E Dr.Kizza Besigye is my President and that is FINAL.


He does not have guns. He only speaks truth from his heart to his people what you don’t want him to say. This man does not control weapons of war. He wins hearts and minds. He fills a vacuum left by those supposed to lead. He does not control the national treasury. His people make small contributions owning the cause he leads.You have humiliated him and by default humiliated us. For how long is your victory going to be based on how much you humiliate the people? Do you think we shall support you because you have the coercive instruments of power and money?

We are not looking for warriors to leads us but leaders. We are not looking for rules to show us the way. We don’t support people because they have money or weapons of mass destructions but those with the ideals that mirror our aspirations.

This land was bequeathed to us by our forefathers. We are not slaves in this land. The bones of our forefathers,the heroes of the wars gone by are buried in this land. We are heir to this land in which you want us to bow down and worship you in front of our wives and children.

Our DIGNITY, however, has no price. We do not demand so much by the way, but our dignity in a civilized society.We demand to take our place in our land.

By putting this man or any other citizen for that matter in these dehumanizing conditions just for questioning INJUSTICES, you by default disregard our demands for a civilized conversation. And we are a resilient people. And we are young people. We have a lot of time to fight for and stay the course. We will never surrender our birthright to be your slaves.

Our history is one of pain and hard work. We have made victories in our small way. We have tested failure also and therein lies our strength. We do come with bear hands and speak with one voice that our dignity is non-negotiable. We know what we deserve as a people.

Our forefathers handed this land to us. We have fought wars for this land. Blood of our people has been spilled for this land. We can still go to war over this same land like our forefathers did to preserve it for us.

We are still demanding that our voices are heard. That our people are treated with respect and dignity in their land. And we are still open for a constructive dialogue on a whole range of issues. This is an opportunity for all of us the tormented and the tormentor and his people.

That we seize opportunity and dialogue to preserve the country rather than slide it back to the wars of the past. With all the machines in your Arsenal, you are tempted to think when push comes to shove all will be the victory for you. But do not test fate no more.

Let’s not lead the people into temptation. Father forgive us our trespasses as we forgive all those who trespass against us.


Mzee Kabulasoke



Ideological Nonviolence by Dr.Gene Sharp

It is a ‘weapon’ available to all, it is least likely to alienate opponents and third parties, and it breaks the cycle of violence and counter-violence. It leaves open the possibility of conversion, it ensures that the media focus on the issue at hand rather than some tangential act of violence and it is the surest way of achieving public sympathy. Further, it is more likely to produce a constructive rather than a destructive outcome, it is a method of conflict resolution that may aim to arrive at the truth of a given situation.

For many adherents of nonviolence, the rationale for it being the preferred method of political activism rests on more than a pragmatic assessment that it works better than other methods. It is good not only because it ‘works’ but also because it is ‘right’. These activists tend to see the aim of nonviolence as persuasion and conversion of opponents, rather than coercion.

First, one can resist evil without resorting to violence.

Second, nonviolence seeks to win the ‘‘friendship and understanding’’ of the opponent, not to humiliate him.

Third, evil itself, not the people committing evil acts, should be opposed.

Fourth, those committed to nonviolence must be willing to suffer without retaliation as suffering itself can be redemptive.

Fifth, nonviolent resistance avoids ‘‘external physical violence’’ and ‘‘internal violence of spirit’’ as well: ‘‘the nonviolent resister not only refuses to shoot his opponent but he also refuses to hate.

The sixth principle is that the nonviolent resister must have a ‘‘deep faith in the future.



From_dictatorship_to_democracy From-Dictatorship-to-Democracy-Grand-Strategy




DATE: 11-05-2016





The Uganda Diaspora P10 sends a congratulatory message to the Forum for Democratic Party (FDC) Party and HE Col (rtd) Dr. Kizza Besigye Kifefe upon his swearing-in on May 11, 2016, as the duly elected President of the Republic of Uganda.


We recognize you as the President of the people of Uganda, who expressed their will to be governed by you, on February 18, 2016. We wish you well and look forward to providing your government with full support and cooperation in the process of restoring democracy and the rule of law in Uganda. We look forward to a Uganda where equity, equality and respect for Human Rights, and especially the right for free speech, freedom of association and worship are upheld and respected. These are inalienable rights that are not granted by the state and therefore, no state apparatus should take it upon themselves to gag, control, trample upon, or apportion these rights as they wish. It is in this same regard that we support your vision and ideology of subordinating the guns and all instruments of governance that have been abused by the dictatorship to suppress and abuse the rights of the people of Uganda.


We call upon Ugandans to rise up to support the government of HE Col (Rtd) Dr. Kizza Besigye from the tyranny of the militants who have usurped the will of the people. We implore the population to make the use of their power to the fullest, to ensure that no government is formed out of fraudulent elections. We ask that Ugandans from all walks of life find a common place of convergence so as to defeat sectarianism, nepotism, tribalism, state inspired corruption, and dictatorship. Uganda should not be transformed into a dictatorship’s paradise. No leader, however powerful, shall not rule by force of the gun so as to retire in power. Uganda is not a personal enterprise; it is a nation of able, autonomous men and women, with aspirations, visions, and hopes. Their aspirations should not be stonewalled, or thwarted by dictator Museveni in collaboration with the Gestapo-like Police and Special Forces commanded by his son.


We urged the armed forces of Uganda to abide by their constitutional obligation that subordinates them to a civilian rule and to serve the common interest of Ugandans. On February 18, 2016, more than 52% of Ugandans expressed their will to be governed by President Dr. Kizza Besigye Kifefe. Among this, voters were members of the armed forces who voted in nearly all military facilities in support of HE Dr.Kizza Besigye Kifefe. It is, therefore, very important to demonstrate the professionalism of the armed forces by remaining steadfast and pro-people of Uganda.


We call the international community to recognize and provide full support to H.E. Dr. Kizza Besigye and his yet to be formed government. We implore you not to recognize Dictator Museveni as President of Uganda, but as a tyrant whose time and value have expired. I urge you to treat the dictator as the major problem of Uganda such that he either accepts an independent international audit ,or he hands over power to a duly elected leader – Dr. Kizza Besigye Kifefe. We urge you to impose a travel ban on all the elements of the dictatorship who have continued to violate the fundamental rights of the people of Uganda with impunity. We urge you to take bold steps to liquidate all their assets and withhold any transactions with the regime until they relinquish the instruments of leadership to the people’s President.


We, once again, would like to convey our congratulation to H.E. President, Col (Rtd). Dr. Kizza Besigye Kifefe upon his inauguration as the legitimate head of State of the Republic of Uganda.


Long live Uganda. Long Live H.E. Dr.Kizza Besigye. One Uganda, One People!



Uganda Diaspora P10



Election fingerprints create a picture of electoral fraud by examining voter turnout – a smeared fingerprint indicates fraud. The left fingerprint is a typical fair election.
Statistics can also detect ‘incremental fraud’, like a vote counter shifting some votes for the opposition over to the incumbent. Applied to Uganda data, 3 mil votes are in question – enough to change election outcome
When humans make up ‘random’ (eg entering false tallies), patterns emerge. People tend to choose higher digits 2- Statistics is independent. Tallies have too many 4, 5, 6s, not enough 0s & 1s. This indicates human interference not expected in fair elections.
When humans make up ‘random’ (eg entering false tallies), patterns emerge. People tend to choose higher digits 2- Statistics is independent. Tallies have too many 4, 5, 6s, not enough 0s & 1s. This indicates human interference not expected in fair elections.
In a democracy, independence of the judiciary, executive, parliament = critical. Judges + courts must act independently without the influence of the government.  We live under dictatorship: judges + courts serve at the will of the state. History shows Supreme Court very reluctant to rule against the regime. Under the current legal framework and court process DOES NOT allow meaningful examination of the election.
These tests, together with other evidence – intimidation, tear gas, violence, national ID registry – cast serious doubt on the election. By our calculations, we won the 2016 election by a minimum of 52%



Today Dr. Kizza Beisgye presented insurmountable evidence of 2016 election fraud in a 23-part tweet series of opinions, beliefs or political alliances; he articulately highlighted for 4 separate tests standards to illustrate the evidence of fraud

Principally we have to inform ourselves on what Election audits entails because variously in many circles people tend to confuse a recount as an audit. In a recount, ballots cast in an electoral contest are tallied again following an election. Often a different organization will count the ballots to confirm the results.

In an audit, allegations of fraud or malpractice are investigated. An audit may involve a full or partial recount as well as other actions undertaken to determine whether one or more people have deliberately sabotaged the election process, unfairly manipulated the election results, or committed extensive mistakes in administration.

Therefore, Election audits have been increasingly used as a means of mitigating disputes arising from electoral results. In the near recent years, Audits have been used to help verify the results of elections in Afghanistan in 2009 and 2014, in Haiti in 2010, in Kosovo in 2009 and 2010, and in the poll for a new Constitution in Iraq in 2005.

Many will argue that such practices undermine the sovereignty of nations especially if world bodies and UN agencies are handed unlimited access to restricted information. However knowing how ambiguous the governance structures are including the absence of the rule of law and compromised legal frameworks for elections management in most developing democracies, it makes the allegations of fraud during elections common.

As seen in the recent 2016 elections in Uganda, mounting evidence of data collected both from party polling agents and citizens were adduced in the Supreme Court but the judges in their wisdom dismissed the petition. Because of this judgment, the political processes of the country are in tatters, the unconvincing adjudications of the Supreme Court judges have put the country on a political tension.

Fraudulent and poorly administered election undermine all aspects of the society   , this paves the way for a general climate of insecurity and impunity in the country. If you live or follow the events in Uganda in the aftermath of the elections one can quickly come to the conclusion that there has been a coup in Uganda.

Therefore in order to rescue the situation and rebuild national harmony, our country needs a comprehensive elections audit supervised by the international community and audit organizations.

To justify the demand for the international audit of the election 2016 Dr. Besigye presented 21 grounds  with convincing statistical evidence showing that substantial election fraud occurred and it changed the outcome of the 2016 election.

Test1: When humans make up ‘random’ (eg entering false tallies), patterns emerge. People tend to choose higher digits 2- Statistics is independent. Tallies have too many 4, 5, 6s, not enough 0s & 1s. This indicates human interference not expected in fair elections.

Test2: Patterns of the last digit in polling station tallies by the district also tell a story – a uniform pattern of all digits is expected. A simple but powerful test showed 4 xs expected number of districts had “suspicious” patterns – EVIDENCE of fraud.

Test3: Election fingerprints create a picture of electoral fraud by examining voter turnout – a smeared fingerprint indicates fraud. The left fingerprint is a typical fair election.

Test4: Statistics can also detect ‘incremental fraud’, like a vote counter shifting some votes for the opposition over to the incumbent. Applied to Uganda data, 3 mil votes are in question – enough to change election outcome

These tests, together with other evidence – intimidation, tear gas, violence, national ID registry – cast serious doubt on the election. By our calculations, we won the 2016 election by a minimum of 52%

In a democracy, independence of the judiciary, executive, parliament = critical. Judges + courts must act independently without the influence of the government.

We live under dictatorship: judges + courts serve at the will of the state. History shows Supreme Court very reluctant to rule against the regime.

Under the current legal framework and court process DOES NOT allow meaningful examination of the election.

To nullify elections one must show fraud occurred AND changed elections outcome But the proof of fraud ALONE should be enough.

In 2001/06 election petitions, Supreme Court judges publically acknowledged extensive fraud but did NOT nullify the elections.

Our 2009 petition to Constitutional Court argued substantiality test = unconstitutional. The case was dismissed *DURING* 2016 elections campaign!

In 2016, we were required to prove substantiality AND assemble all evidence from across the country in 10 days after elections!

Because I was detained for 47 days post-election, my constitutional right to petition the Court to contest the results was violated.

Our people collecting evidence faced interference, violence & arrest:

We call for internationally observed, independent audit of 2016 election similar to those in Kosovo, Afghanistan & Haiti.

Mr. Museveni legitimately & irrefutably won this election then why would he not support an audit?

The Museveni/NRM regime has ignored the path Forum for Democratic Change has recommended that could help return our country to constitutional rule, following the fraudulent 2016 presidential election and subsequent gross violations of the constitution.

Mr. Museveni, together with some members of his NRM regime, is going ahead to use the armed forces to overthrow the will of the people of Uganda. They seek to retain power by force of arms!

The people of Uganda decided, through the election of 18/02/2016, to change the leadership of our country

They clearly said: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH to the 30-year leadership of Mr. Museveni.

After 30 years of Museveni/NRM rule, Ugandans are crying out loudly due to biting poverty, massive unemployment, collapse of education and health care, collapse of agriculture, collapse of businesses and economic development, excessive taxes, collapse of the physical infrastructure (roads, rail, water transport etc), insufficient and unaffordable power (electricity), etc.

That’s why Ugandans are desirous to regain control of their country. The country cannot remain captive to a handful of corrupt warlords in the NRM regime.

Mr. Museveni may have control of our armed forces and our national resources, but he does not have the support of the people of Uganda. There is also evidence that the majority of members of the armed forces voted for change.

Since it’s clear that the path to amicably and conclusively establish the outcome of the 2016 elections has been ignored, we have no choice but to do what the people of Uganda mandated us to do.

On the 12/05/2016, we shall establish leadership of our country as mandated- a transitional government of national unity.

A leadership that will restore to the people of Uganda, the control of our national resources and our national institutions. The people of Uganda are entitled to share our national resources equitably and to enjoy equal opportunities.

By Dr.Kizza Beisgye “The people’s president”

And Publicity Team UG-DP10

Kifesi police are the Real Terrorist

Kifesi police are the Real Terrorist


The rule by law is becoming a chronic problem in Uganda, in fact, it is known to be the oldest trick in the book, dating back to Roman times; creating the enemies you need .The state is a point of no return ,all state agencies have been programmed to work in a direction that suffocates political pluralism.

The police in Uganda has slid to the dangerous zone of outsourcing its mandate of hunting down hardcore criminals to one of their own criminal outfit called “Kifesi”.Instead, the police have taken the full-time role to round up the political opponents of the junta. The activities of the FDC (Forum for democratic change) the main opposition political party have been curtailed by misuse of the law.

The charge of “terrorism “ is one which has been misused by the state ; In honesty, I have no objections to using the word “terrorist” if you’re describing the actions of terrorists. A terrorist being someone who uses extreme acts of violence to achieve political, religious or ideological goals, usually targeting civilians. It’s someone who, outside of war zones, engages in ideological violence.

Except, in Uganda the definition of a terrorist is applied to delegitimize legitimate political opponents ,this is a trick most undemocratic leaders will use to trample on the rights of many of citizens who bear opposing views to their own .
Right now in Rukungiri the police is acting on illegal orders to outlaw the FDC in the district .There have been a blanket arrests in the municipality and over 40 FDC members have been rounded from various locations and detained incommunicado. The news is that they intend to charge the whole FDC district youth with terrorism charges.

The arrests include Mr. Dickson Nampumuza who is the Rukungiri District Youth Chairperson ,the intriguing thing is that he was actually arrested when he went to take food to other FDC youths who are in detention at Rukungiri police post.
Just to remind the readers, Rukungiri is the home district of the Dr.Kizza Besigye, whose legitimate elections victory was snatched by the junta. Rukungiri district specifically the town voted in a block for the FDC party, one of the most corrupt and a staunch supporter of the regime ministers Jim Muwezi was voted out from Rukungiri. Rukungiri is one of the districts that the Junta Electoral commission intentionally omitted 209 polling results from the national tally.

Therefore, it’s usual for the junta to unleash violence on districts that refuse to vote for them, we witnessed this in Kasese district and that tension is still simmering although calmness has been imposed by the heavy deployment of the military. The Junta is now portraying the peaceful protesters from Rukungiri as radicals and terrorist, this is the classic conduct of illegitimate regimes, what is most disturbing is the misuse of the word “terrorist”.
Actually, the reverse is true, the illegitimate regime is the only known terrorist in this circumstance. They just invent a situation that justifies the order to dispense their extraordinary powers.

Ugandans should come to a point of starting to take this concentration of powers to one individual as the most dangerous mistake of our times, excessive powers without checks and balances produces bloodthirsty leaders.

The Germans were hoaxed into surrendering their Republic, and accepting the total rule of Der Fuehrer Hitler and the rest is history. On the 5th May 2016, the junta effectively banned media from covering any activities related to the FDC and therefore giving them the total dominance of the airwaves so that the junta can sell their hoax agendas unchallenged to the reluctant public. The Romans accepted the Emperors and the Germans accepted Hitler not because they wanted to, but because the state carefully crafted illusions of threat. The junta regime has excelled in creating a hoax and alarming alerts just to make the citizens think without them the country will disintegrate.

But we are assuring you we have the most superior weapon in the form of written or spoken word, which is stronger than the bullets and teargas which you routinely unleash against our supporters. You are just succeeding in temporal silencing of the word, but the word will eventually prevail.”

By the publicity team


President`s note on the 5th-5-16 FDC national protests.

Today was the first day of demonstrations in demand for an Independent Audit of the 2016 presidential elections. On this day, matches were planned from FDC offices to assembly areas.

As expected, heavy military and police deployments were made in all towns; several leaders homes were barricaded, and many roadblocks were erected. This is all anticipated and good for the defiance campaign! The dictator’s forces are worn out, even before citizens take any action!

What was rather surprising, but quite in keeping with the panic and desperation of the NRM Junta now, was the statement made by Gen Jim Muhwezi, Minister of Information.

Inspector General Of Police (IGP) Kayihura, Attorney General Freddie Ruhindi and his deputy, Director of Uganda Communications Commission, and, ominously, the heads of major media houses, notably NBS, NTV, and Vision group, accompanied Gen Muhwezi.

In his statement, Gen Muhwezi said: “All live broadcast of defiance activities should stop. Any media house that continues to cover them risks having their license revoked”. He went on to intimidate the media generally about any coverage of what he termed “defiance activities”.

Deputy AG Mwesigwa Rukutana told the press that Uganda, as a sovereign nation, doesn’t have to abide by international covenants regarding press freedom and other Human Rights!

The disgraceful actions of the NRM Junta, to further curtail press freedom in Uganda, should be strongly resisted. The Uganda media practitioners shouldn’t take this lying down. International media freedom defenders should also take appropriate action.

Another action in keeping with the panic mode was the flying of fighter jets over the Kampala city and surrounding areas! Military spokesman sys they were on “routine test flights”.

From Mukono and parts of Kampala and Wakiso, there are reports of a presence of soldiers that speak languages unknown in Uganda. This raises worry that foreigners may be involved in the massive deployments.

This would not be surprising considering that in the 2016 election, members of the armed forces are known to have voted overwhelmingly for change. That may have put the loyalty of most UPDF and UPF soldiers to the NRM regime is in question.

In spite of the heavy media and physical intimidation, Ugandans came defiantly came out and demonstrated in many parts of the country. Main action areas included Lira, in Northern Uganda; Mbale, Busia, and Kamuli in Eastern Uganda; Rukungiri, Bushenyi & Mbarara in Western Uganda; Wakiso and Kampala in Central Uganda.

Many people were arrested and are being held in various police stations. Some of the people arrested were actually not involved in the demo. Our leaders are trying to gain access to all those arrested.

I congratulate the courageous citizens that have defiantly demonstrated today. Many people were waiting for me to get arrested! As I’ve pointed out before, this is not about FDC or me.

This demonstration is about citizens having their votes count; regaining control over their country; regaining control over state institutions; and regaining control over national resources.

Citizens want a country that works for them: ensures their dignity by having decent jobs; ensures good health care, quality education, modern infrastructure; a corruption-free environment etc.

That’s why the demonstration, including the prayers, will continue until the people’s will is respected. We shall overcome!

Dr.Kizza Besigye