Eng. Winnie Byanyima Introducing Dr. Besigye in London Today.

It pains my heart when I have to talk to you in English. If there’s a Mzungu here, he hears everything.

I thank you so much for coming here to welcome Besigye. This man must never feel that he is fighting alone. I would like to thank the men and women that have worked flat out to organize this event.

There have been many speakers that have excited us. We want to take a step back to some comments regarding other countries.

My role here is to introduce to you, my partner and friend. Many times people tell me how does he cope. All the time people are sympathizing. How sorry they are how do we cope?

I ask them: What is the alternative. Let us consider. By the end of today, 17 women will die giving childbirth and that is every year. Museveni will send his daughter to Germany to give birth. That is one single woman yet 17 die every day.

I met a little boy in Karamojong. I asked him why aren’t you in class he said my mother couldn’t afford. 150m has been spent on just MPs as this goes on.

I met a Patients with a daughter with a first class degree but not job but we have some school drop outs in the offices as diplomats.

Muhanga brought a sack of 10bn to buy UBC. is this acceptable alternative.

I think of a secondary school teacher in Mbarara. she is to teach other people’s kids but cannot afford her own kids’. Is this an acceptable alternative?

I ask myself, what is the alternative. When I think of the thousands of our kids that have been taken to bushes to Congo to loot. There is no authority of Parliament. He took me to prison for asking. Our kids die in the bushes. M7 just takes kids to bushes with no Parliament approval.

When I think of all this, it is an injustice.

When people ask me. how does Besigye cope, I say we cannot accept injustice. There’s no choice. We must take a stand once you take a stand you do not go back; you take the blows.

I am married to a man who stands up to injustice and does not count the cost. Those just scare you. I heard you saying that the spies are here and you pointed to one corner. Those are bullies, look at them in the eyes and take a stand. The power shifts back to you. let’s take a stand. To be human means not to accept injustice. Do not accept injustice, we take a stand we take the blows.

For Besigye I do not sympathize with him, I do not pity him, I take a stand. We first met in the bushes. He treated them and they do not remember him. We take a stand and all those blows are badges of honor.

It is not just about FDC, it is about a movement to claim back our power and have justice. The fact that he is a prisoner…we are proud. We shall fight it off, we fought it off remember. We have been there before. That is how a bully works. He still won.

As a prisoner, he symbolizes that we are all prisoners. We have to work for the liberation through defiance. We shall defy forcefully. We cannot accept to be ruled illegitimately.

Museveni says this Kisanja Hakuna Mchezo. I say back, this time, Hakuna Mchezo.

I present Dr. Besigye.

Winnie ends her speech.

Loud applause.


Winnie was in Parliament before me. For the short time Winnie was away I was in prison 7 times.

It is from her that I have learned. One cannot have a strong and reliable partner in this struggle.

I would like to thank immensely the people that are living out here. Working under difficult circumstances and are making all means possible to make Uganda better. Thank you for that commitment to your country.

I would like to thank all of you that have made a lot of sacrifices.

It has been a long struggle. Many people are happy to celebrate when there’s success. However, when there’s no success many shy away. I would like to thank many of you for standing up and contributing as much as you have for our country including in the last elections.

We went into the last elections in rather a disorganized fashion. We went through turns and twists. Our opponent is an entrenched dictator as described. In the last election, we received a lot of support from all of you in the diaspora.

Please do not pity me. I am one of the lucky ones. Many of our colleagues left this life a long time ago. They died of wanting to have a better Uganda. I cannot complain too much when I am here.

It is an error to pity myself.

My remarks will be limited. I will focus on what we are dealing with and how we can get out of the hole in which we are.

Countries work and serve for those who have power. If you have no power, you will not be served. unfortunately, in our country, the bitter truth is that we live in a country where we have no power. Power belongs to very few people.

This has not just happened because of Museveni. He found them there. Collectively as a country, as Ugandans, we lost our power to the British with the force of arms. They came with gun powder. Some of our ancestors put a resistance. We ceased to be citizens of our villages but subjects of England. That situation has not changed till today. We are still under those with guns.

This is why the gun is a resident. To take away power from these guns you use guns. The control of the country of resources is in the hands of the very few that control those guns.

My wife and I when we went to the bush we thought there could be bad and good guns. We have all realized that we were wrong. The control of guns is through a disciplined system of orders which come from the top.

When you hear people beaten on the streets you will hear that they were under orders and the control of guns is under one person from above.

During the war the civil institutions, communities are further weakened because they are displaced. The social institutions, clan system break down. In Acholi, this has happened as there’s a breakdown of the community system.

Once war has ended there’s a community that is very weak and cannot check the powerful few that have the guns. Although in the war we thought that there were good and bad guns. Those fighting are also wanting to get the same title as those of the few.

Sitting at the fireplace in the bush I would hear some of my colleagues saying that I want to drive that vehicle like the other one whom we are fighting is driving.

One came to me as well he said things seem to be working out and the only thing I want to be is a market master of Owino.

Even the young activists are saying that those malls that they are building will be ours someday.

Many of the people you find that those fighting have been eliminated so they are fighting not because of well-intentioned ideas.

After revolutions, you hear of coups because people’s needs have not been met. We have power in a few hands and still in a few hands. Countries serve those who have power. If you have no power, your daughter goes to the bush to deliver yet those with power go to Germany.

Money, resources go to those who have power because they control decision-making in the country. Do not think you have a Parliament in Uganda.

in spite of the crisis in the country, they are arguing about getting 150m to buy a car. I saw Kato Lubwama “Katemba”. He was elected, thanks to efforts of some of us. he said that those who are feeling jealous can go hang themselves.

Kato Lubwama was elected with nothing. The others get those seats bought. They use like 300Million, use those with Kiboko. Seats are procured by the dictator himself. He gives them seats to serve him not people.

The 9th Parliament made a very important resolution on oil. Next day they were put on buses to Kyankwanzi and put UPDF uniform. They make them run around. Later they bring them to Parliament and changed all the resolutions they made last week.

The police cannot be a people’s police if they are beating up people. People run away from them. The EC is a walking stick of M7. Institutions serve those who have power.

The good people who are there serve those with power. They tell me whenever I go to the prison that you know we support you but we have to put food on the table.

Once you have this situation those with power rule. Our mission is not just about removing M7. How we remove him matters. we must remove the control by guns.

If we wanted to use guns it is not difficult. Many in the forces are with us. This is no longer debatable. In the last election where Military voted, we won very well.

M7 started the war with 27 guns and it shows it is not the guns it is the people. If we wanted to take that course, we would and win.

Many ask me to assure us that you will be different from Museveni.

My MP in my area was confronted why he was not implementing the policies.

At the time of squeezing the bananas, not many people come. When one is at the time of collecting the beer the language changes. This MP was saying like that.

The critical thing that we have to address is how these institutions revert to the majority.

The role of elections:

If the dictator controls decision making. Do you think it is a realistic expectation that a dictator organizes an election to remove him? it is not. Even when we go to the elections you must understand this.

To change this control, we are going to need three things. the majority of the people that we want to have the power must themselves know that they do not have the power. Some of them do not know this. When slave trade was being abolished some slaves resisted. Our people have lived without power for generations now. They think indeed that a leader is their master.

You see them kneeling and clapping…wangala..because he has given them something. Now people treat M7 as a giver.

M7 did not have any property. No money. All the money he has is from those kneeling before him, clapping. when he gives they feel so blessed.

We need to deal with the people’s understanding of the powerlessness, do not complain that you do not have jobs because you will never get it because you do not have power.

What guarantees good governance is the knowledge and assertiveness of the people. You lead knowing that you have mastered. If you hire a domestic servant and you have no power over that person. will they work for you?

We have to recover our people’s minds from being masters of the Queen of England.

We must now become citizens and take our responsibilities. Leaders are servants. We must change. If you hire Besigye you are hiring a servant. If he does not serve you fire him. M7 says that the ministers are the problem. That is where it starts, recovering our minds and gaining control of our institutions. We must have people’s institutions.

The second thing is to organize. People use guns to take on governments is because they are organized. When we were in the bush we were very few. Our strength was not the guns but the people. People would not talk. if Lutamaguzi had said M7 was under my hut, history would have been different.

When we were in the bush, we had local councils. The LC1 knows who is who on the village. We need to organize for actions. Organize to struggle. The dictator will not go without a push. That is why we said that we shall win by defiance. We won convincingly. That is how we won everything in Kasese. People remained in the polls until the results were fully announced. You can only win by defiance. This is where everybody comes in.

Once you link up you can sign each other responsibilities. That is why we had P10. If we wanted to have an embassy here, just texting one of the leaders of the 10 we get 1000 members.

Lastly, defiance actions. It is a struggle like that in the bush. It has dangers. People are going to be killed. This time, you are not the one using violence. It is so powerful. You have seen traders in Kampala close their shops, they become cautious that they cannot fight this. They say together that let’s challenge this then they organize together and say that from Monday no opening shops. Who will the police teargas? It took three days and the governments were on its knees.

Defiance is actions of citizens of those who are not using violence. there are three main types of actions. demonstrations, taking active dissatisfaction through marches, public demonstrations. Two, none, cooperative demonstrations. You are the one that gives power to any leader. If I said, please stand up and you do not then it means I have no power. Obedience is the source of power we give. You can withhold it. You can refuse to cooperate. If we all say let’s not take any more food to Kampala. What will happen? Can he last a week?

The other day he dismissed health workers and brought soldiers.

Lastly, you have arrays of people. Occupation. if it is what people want we can invite everyone then we can invite everyone to all come and occupy Parliament. Parliament is a representative organ and if it is not representing us well we can occupy it and represent ourselves.

I can assure that well-organized struggle can never fail. More critically, if we organize this time and make sure that those with guns realize that their guns are nothing then nobody will ever again use guns to dominate us. They will become subordinates of people.

The Commander in Chief does not need to be a soldier because the command is of the people. Now you can see that whenever M7 is in trouble he puts on his uniform and very soon we shall show him that his uniform is worthless in terms of controlling power.

In the last election, we said that we shall win by defiance and I have not seen the kind of energy and involvement of our people. It is an election where we used less money. M7 said to have spent 800 billion and that was understated. A lot that they spent is as Govt. In 2011 he spent 2trillion.

The message of regaining people’s power has been appreciated. People were saying here it is. Some things were emotional. I was in Pader. A woman kept pulling me.she untied the sash, inside she untied another she pulled out 500 shillings and she spat on it with her saliva she handed over the coin to me. That tells you that lady is willing to part everything she had.

This was in the whole country. M7 can say he is the legal president and people tell him no way you are not.

Of course, I was imprisoned on the 19th February, I did not come out until July. They barricaded my compound. They think they have forces but…here

The reason they behaved like that. They broke the door to FDC headquarters and took it, they arrested our candidates. They did this because the truth had come to them in spite of the cheating.

We have evidence. I told them in court to stop investigating I can tell you here that I won. If it is treason you now have the evidence. If you win you form a cabinet. I said this in court. We have evidence that we won by over 52%. We have all this evidence. We did not have the opportunity to go to court. The election is concluded when those who are not satisfied with the results petition.

Every candidate has that right. Museveni is not validly elected. Since he has taken me to court on treason then let’s wait what happens. There is no doubt that he did not win.

This is not something that we were surprised with.

The population has remained defiant. M7 now must close roads when he has a visitor as he now sees the public is the enemy. That is why you saw him run away from his car to make a telephone call. He cannot trust his own car.

We believe that we were legitimately elected and the struggle before us is to defend the people’s will. Mr. Museveni has done everything to show that 2016 is done that we look to the gimmicks of 2021. Nothing will change. in 2021.

The whole talk of age limits is now focusing people on what happens in 2021. We do not care what his age is. He lost an election and he just has to get out of the office. Whatever his age is he must sort out from his village.

We must not lose the momentum to assert the people’s will. Getting people to understand the need to understand what is at stake, organizing and action.

This cannot be a partisan struggle. The divide is very clear. Those that want to regain their country and their institution and those who do not. You just have to choose which side of the divide you are. This is not the time to fly the colors. Let us all build one front. Once we have done that we will need to have a transitional process. Once we regain power over the country we must have a transitional process that deals with three things. We must have a constitutional review process. I was poking my friend Betty Kamya. She has fought all these years that the main problem is concentrating the power in one person. When I saw here putting on the UPDF uniform I was intrigued.

We must formally restructure the constitution including land. If we are not careful this will cause real problems as this is the only thing that people are hanging on.

We shall remodel the state institutions so that they reflect the will of the people.

Lastly amongst the cardinal elements is having free and fair elections.

People need to organize themselves in their own respective parties.

This nonpartisan struggle is crystallizing now. We have a people’s cabinet. A nonpartisan cabinet.

This time, they did not steal the election it was a straight forward coup.

We are having conversations to smoothen ourselves too so that we move as one. And if we all pull together the regime of Museveni is finished. Even before we push the economy is finished. M7 has been reckless on regime survival. In every village, there’s a VISO: (village intelligent security officer).

We have two ministers for Kampala. We have a city mayor, we have the (Resident City Commissioner) RCC, he is also there in charge of Kampala. he has 5 deputies within Kampala. All eating a lot of money. This is a crisis of the dictatorship. He has been doing this knowing that it is dangerous. He knows this …he was hoping that he was going to get money for oil. unfortunately for him, it has remained on the ground when he about reaches it goes the other way.

This year we have a budget of 27 trillion, they hope to raise 13, we are no longer even credit worthy. Now in Kampala, there are money lenders. These are sharks. They lend at 20% per month. And if you are against the wall you say it is all dying.

Now the Government is also borrowing from money lenders. That is why you hear people are not being paid salaries. There’s an economic crisis now that affects everybody.

The population has remained defiant. If we do what we need to do the dictatorship can collapse anytime.

As Winnie told you, some of us are not going to relax, we are going to push without any hesitation. The danger has been that when the leaders are all not moving with the same kind of zeal, assertiveness, it exposes those who are. They are seen as the problem of the dictatorship. That is why it is important that in this final phase all of us should stand up.

Initially, when we started the campaign against Museveni, you would wave at them and they first look around.

Brothers and sisters, you have been everywhere and it is not an exaggeration that Uganda is the most endowed. In 2016 our people should not be with jiggers, nodding disease. In the last election, I was calling them NRM diseases. Hepatitis B is wiping our people.

Change is coming keep it up.


Compiled by UG-DP10 Publicity team.

Museveni, Kagame and Kabila dirty secrets revealed!




Whenever Museveni meets regional leaders to discuss security related issues, most certainly the mystery of death promptly happens in the neighborhood. These latest horrific images of massacres in DRC is one of the tragedies that has come a few weeks after the 2 embattled leaders Museveni and Kabila met at Mpondwe the Uganda and Congo border crossing. The local leaders of the area voiced their concerns that a meeting between Museveni and Kabila without the participation of them as the host, makes the motives questionable.

For that matter the theory of this incidence has a precursor to a pre-planned onslaught by the 3 leaders of the region to gain control and parcel out large swathes of territory in Eastern Congo in exchange for supporting the illegal extension of Kabila presidency in DRC. Remember within the great Lakes region the elections are almost a year apart from each other. Kabila is facing a dilemma of changing the laws that can permit him to run for the 3 third time, however, he is faced with a stiff resistance both domestically and internationally.

Museveni and Kagame`s advice to president Kabila offers them a free hand to exploit the natural resources in the rich parts of Congo. Because they are in desperate need of alternative sources of income to entrench themselves in power. Basically, the arrangements include an oil pipeline, railway connections, and bolstering tourism within the 3 countries which in its sense is a very welcomed agreement. Therefore, they find the security vacuum in the large jungles of DRC as a threat to their ambition to expand and control the mineral wealth of DRC. Museveni`s clandestine plan is to deploy his soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) allegedly to flush out rebels of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), but this is far from the truth.

The trio has embarked on a joint security plan to combat all the rebel groups with bases in the Eastern DRC, notably Rwanda has FDLR the former Hutu leaders of Rwanda, Uganda has ADF and Congo`s only threat was the M23 who were flushed out of Congo into Uganda. In all this arrangement I can see Kabila getting a raw deal because M23 rebels are unfinished business. They have not fully demobilized,1500 combatants disappeared in thin air from their last address in Bihanga barracks in Western Uganda. The international demand to repatriate all the M23 combatants and their commander Sultan Makenga has fallen on deaf ears, Museveni continues to keep them and deploys them in combat zones as his mercenaries.

The timing of this pact is highly suspect, security pundits find it bizarre that the massacre happens at the time president Kabila commenced a tour of the region. Kabila is known to have isolationist policy towards his regional counterparts but the suspicion is suddenly 5 months to the end of his term, he has toured and dined with all regional dictators, notably, Museveni (Uganda), Idriss Deby Itno (Chad), Kagame (Rwanda) Eduardo Dos Santos (Angola) and Denis Sassou Nguessou (Republic of Congo known as Congo-Brazzaville).

Investigations by independent security experts in the region are close to believing that the recent massacres in Beni are a preemptive plan by Museveni and Kagame to invade DRC with the invitation of Kabila. There is a conspiracy to start a massive scale of humanitarian crisis in Congo that will create a conducive reason to defer elections in order to combat the insurgents in the Eastern DRC, ultimately Kabila buys time to remain in power. This deployment is just weeks away from now, Kasese in western Uganda will be the HQ of this joint military operations.

The puzzling issue is the recent massacre of Congolese by unknown gunmen in the outskirts of Rwangoma a village town located in the hills between Beni and Paida Catholic Church on the road leading to Pondwe (65 KM from Mpondwe).

According to regional security experts, they doubt that ADF could have carried out this attacks as alleged  by security .In their assessment is its impossible for the ADF to carry out this attacks in that area ,considering the majority of its fighters are from Nande or Konjo (both of them speaking the same language on both sides of borders between Uganda and Congo).The ADF have lived in Beni region since 1980’s and helped a Congolese warlord MBusa Nyamwisi to fight for his rebellion and therefore it’s foolhardy for them to brutally turn against their own brothers. Local residents also told Al Jazeera that they had spotted ADF rebels coming out of the forest on Saturday. There was some confusion, however, as some residents said that some of the men were wearing “army uniforms”.

However, the experts say the massacres matches the killing method of those which occurred in Rwanda during genocide time. There is evidence that there was a massive migration of Hutu refugees towards Irumu territory via Beni and Butembo territory. Ironically it’s not a coincidence that just some few days after the beginning of this massive migration of Hutu from Rutsuru to Irumu via Beni then Killings started. The pictures available of the bodies of the dead bear the appearances of the Hutu as opposed to the indigenous Congolese. The expert can only conclude that some third force has been used to pursue the Hutu refugees towards Beni so they can be exterminated. There is strong believe that it’s the M23 who have been used to massacre the refugees in order to justify the intervention of Rwanda, Uganda and Congolese army in these refugee settlements.

A lot of concealment of the truth is going on in Eastern Congo unknown to the world, the leaders have conspired to wreak havoc on civilians in Eastern DRC and will lead to another human catastrophy if the world refuses to intervene.

By Moses Atocon

Great Lakes regions activist.


It is the elections fraud messing up with our “rule of law”‏


This is part of a serious of reports compiled from Uganda on the account of the observations of a member of the Uganda Diaspora P10.

Since the end of the fraudulent February 2016 elections, Uganda continues to experience a crisis with the rule of law: Police is breaking the law and; it is conspiring with criminals to break the law.

One would notice also that the distance between the government and the people has widened for the worse. In the real free world, leaders of a popularly elected government would endear to the people. This one fears the people!

Many Ugandans are apathetic and silently repulsive to this self-awarded mandate. Many no longer look at Museveni as a bona fide leader. They despise him silently and defiantly. The time for Museveni’s legacy to materialize has elapsed. Whatever happens now, only erases the legacy he could have made as a unique leader.

The mainstream media is rife with reports that the dictator has abdicated most of his roles to his favorite trinity; – brother, wife, and son.

The Judiciary is already run down and in a state of crisis. The election thieves no longer respect the laws of this land. Many feel immune to due processes and they run roughshod, using state privileges and resources to exert themselves above the law. It is clear that the fraudulent February election is at the root of this collapse of the rule of law.

Incidentally, the law does not even apply for those outside of the shades of the ruling clique.

There, the application of the law is for repression and violation of human rights. They first arrest the suspects, detain, and thereafter, investigate them. Investigation outcomes arrive after one has completed a long sentence. When such evidence is eventually presented, it is just bogus enough for the victims to walk – albeit, without compensation.

The Uganda law society should constitute a process for compensation for those detained purely for political and malicious intents.

The Judiciary is even in a deeper crisis than we already know. Look at the impurities of Gen Kale Kayihura, the Inspector General of Police. For all his law degrees, the Gen is a notorious expert in abrogating human rights. His public display of partisan politics enables him to use the Police to mobilize for and protect the NRM Party. Now, his “supporters” also wear yellow.

For a Police that liaises with, and promotes criminality, one should only understand that Gen. Kayihura must be the embodiment of the NRM power. He is the Prince of the election fraud and no reprimand can befit him. If the Police Chief is above the law, then who can regulate his actions?

By observing the conduct of the Police, one can conclude that stealing elections deprive a post-election authority of legitimacy and confidence in a society like Uganda that is yearning for change in direction.

Stealing elections only ferment anarchy and tyranny in its purest forms.  Public institutions are overwhelmed with demands to adjust to the illegitimacy of the new authority and may fail to adjust, given the repressive environment in which it is compelled to operate. Public policies are subordinated to the priorities of legitimizing the fraudulent authority. The people lose the capacity to demand accountability in the process. And yet, every public institution must endure chaos and counter-productivity during after such a fraudulent elections. Can we fix this part of our politics quick enough?

Incidentally, the first victim of this electoral fraud was the judiciary. The Courts are partly responsible for this impunity because it legalized a fraudulent election. When you legalize an illegitimate process or outcome, you must play by its new rules.

We learn now that such actions compromises the rule of law and make men like Gen Kayihura drunk with power. We are enduring a relapse of the Iddi Amin era. Gen. Kayihura is not any different from Malyamungu or Major Kill Me Quick, with all the attendant foreboding.

Without the rule of law, Uganda becomes a typical Darwinian Island of Archipelagos where only the fittest and connected survives in the crude politics and unpredictable economy.In the next five years, life will be very hard for Ugandans. Without the rule of law, it may even become impossible.

 Morris Komakech

UG-DP10 Publicity.





General Edward Kalekezi Kayihura, more commonly known as Kale Kayihura, is a Ugandan lawyer, military officer, and policeman. He is the Inspector General of Police (IGP) of the Uganda Police Force, the highest rank in that branch of Uganda’s government. In 2005 President Yoweri Museveni appointed a serving military officer then Major General Edward Kale Kayihura, the Inspector General of Police.

The IGP is appointed to serve a three-year term and so far Gen Kayihura is serving his fourth term, supposed to end in November this year. It is not clear if Mr. Museveni will re-appoint him, however he is already facing a lot of internal discontentment and bickering from some senior police officers, with some even petitioning the Inspector General of Government (IGG) over the recent promotions, in which over 400 officers were promoted, while lawyers in the force have also gone to court to sue the Force over salary disparities.

In fact, even junior officers questioned his discretion of purchasing over 20 brand new Toyota Land Cruiser and Prado 4X4s for the Uganda Police Force (UPF) top officers and three choppers, all estimated at several hundred billions of shillings, when the juniors are accommodated in overcrowded and derelict police quarters not fit for human habitation.


Prior to his appointment as the head of the police, Kayihura served as a sector commander in Ituri, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo until 2003 when Uganda pulled out. Kayihura presided over a project to intrude and destabilize parts of Congo by recruiting, training and supplying war loads with weapons and ammunitions at the same time plundering the country of its natural resources.

For his role in nurturing warlords in Eastern Congo, it is against this background then Kayihura should be indicted to face charges of mass at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, due to his links with warlords who committed atrocities in Eastern Congo. Currently, the embattled head of Uganda police is under intense pressure to answer to the criminal summons and appear in Magistrate’s Court in Uganda over torture charges, however other unresolved cases still hang on his neck. Evidence exists that Kayihura was solely responsible for the creation and launching of Bosco Ntaganda famously nicknamed the terminator into the killing fields of Congo.

It’s an open secret within the security agencies that Museveni and Kayihura created and sponsored many warlords in Eastern Congo. Kayihura convinced Bosco Ntaganda to break away from Tom Lubanga. Remember both of them have been found guilty of a crime against humanity by ICC. In one of the documented incidences, in a trademark NRA style blackmail, Kayihura organized a secret squad that ambushed and killed UN peacekeepers including a Kenyan Major. As expected, the incident was blamed on the Thomas Lubanga group and as a consequence, the UN gave Kayihura a green light to suppress Tom Lubanga’s UPC. With the help of Bosco Ntaganda and some ethnic Lendu local Chiefs, the UPDF suppressed and neutralized Tom Lubanga’s UPC ending its influence in Bunia.

With the annihilation of Thomas Lubanga, Bosco Ntaganda became the de facto point man for Museveni and Kayihura proxy wars in Eastern Congo assisted by local, Nyamulenge, Hema and Lendu leaders. Kayihura coordinated the recruitment and training of Hema militia force. Recruits would be flown through the Entebbe Airport and taken to the Semuliki Game Reserve for training under the 53rd battalion that was by that time under Lt. Col. Kimbowa. Another training camp for the Hemas was set up at Kasenyi in Congo under Chef Kisembo.

In 2003 due to international pressure and the court ruling ,the UPDF were forced to withdraw from Congo but clandestinely maintained some UPDF military Intelligence operatives among them a one Bashir who was facilitated with satellite phones and retained in Bunia attached to Bosco Ntaganda.

Therefore, Kayihura just like the convicted duo of Ntaganda and Lubanga must be summarily referred to ICC as soon as the prosecution of his criminal case in Uganda is brought to trial. The people of Congo who were raped, displaced and killed in millions by militias controlled and sponsored by Kayihura should get justice.

It’s now 2016 the outfit of Ntaganda called M23 have either been absorbed into UPDF or are largely at loose, to the dismay of the country Museveni recently lied to the all-world that he doesn’t know where 1500 M23 combatants have vanished to. It will only take the production of Kayihura to an international court for the truth to come to light, otherwise, the truth will remain buried with the 5 million dead Congolese.


Written by; Atocon Moses

Publicity team of UG-DP10


Inspector General of Kifesi (IGK ) Gen. Kale ,Teargas,Kiboko Kayihura must face the law!

Inspector General of Kifesi (IGK ) Gen. Kale ,Teargas,Kiboko Kayihura must face the law!
Inspector General of Kifesi (IGK ) Gen. Kale ,Teargas,Kiboko Kayihura must face the law!
Inspector General of Kifesi (IGK ) Gen. Kale ,Teargas,Kiboko Kayihura must face the law!


The legacy of the Uganda police under the stewardship of General Kale Teargas Kayihura lives a lot to be desired, ever since he was appointed by his boss Gen Museveni in 2005, his track record is not something Ugandans can be proud of at all. Here is a monster who instead of basing his work on the Constitution and the Police Act confessed to only execute orders disbursed to him by Museveni instead of observing the rule of law.

Museveni even admitted that Kayihura is a top regime cadre and therefore by far and large his actions are sole to protect his master Museveni. Kayihura who should ideally be heading a nonpartisan force once said: “We shall not hand over power to the opposition to destabilize the peace which we fought for”.

Museveni and Kale Kayihura believe that torturing civilians is a necessary tool for sustaining a dying dictatorship. In spite of the terror and barbaric repression, the People of Uganda continue to rise up in struggle for freedom.

Of late Ugandans are being treated to well-orchestrated drama in form in-house police trials of several policemen who were recorded beating innocent Ugandan civilians by the roadside.

The civilians were there to welcome or just have a glimpse of Dr. Kizza Besigye who had been released on bail by the court where he is being tried on treason charges. Since then, more videos have emerged showing more acts of arbitrary brutalisation of civilians, one shocking example being the intentional knocking down of a civilian by a police track that deliberately veered onto the pavement of a Kampala street. See the story at this link –

Mock trial of Police operatives and officers in a Police court.

The drama in the in-house police court stinks of an incredible ‘shamness’ given the fact that the man who ordered for the trials to take place is General Kale Kayihura, is the same fellow who, by his own admission, sanctioned the beating of civilians, and who is now the subject of a parallel trial in a civilian court of law for the heinous torture of Ugandans.

How on earth can the man who ordered acts of criminality to take place be the same man who now says that those he ordered should face justice. What justice is he talking about when he, Kale Kayihura, who masterminded the criminal acts remains free? What justice when Kayihura’s Godfather, Yoweri Museveni, ordered for innocent Ugandans, especially those involved in any form of pro-prodemocracy activism to be thoroughly ‘crashed’?

It was in a public broadcast that Museveni was seen ordering General Kayihura and his terror gangs to ‘crash’ the People of Uganda. It was also in a public broadcast that Kale Kayihura ordered the torture-gangs to beat and torture the People.

Legal Practitioners take General Kale Kayihura to Court.

It makes great sense that Kale Kayihura and his associates are being served with summons by a group of Ugandan legal practitioners to appear before a Kampala court to answer charges of torture of innocent civilians.  Follow this link to the story –

Never-the-less, one wonders how far this court process featuring Kayihura will be allowed to transpire to its logical conclusion without ‘interference from above’, given the fact that any credible trial of the likes of General Kayihura can only succeed if it additionally examines where Kayihura and his colleagues got their ‘marching orders’ from.

There is no Ugandan who does not know where the orders for the long-running illegalities and criminalities committed against the Ugandan People ultimately come from. Who in Uganda has not heard of the words ‘crash them’, ‘smash them’ ‘put them seven feet under’ ‘teach them a lesson’ ‘finish them’, etc., etc.? Who loves uttering those words?

So, the question is – In addition to trying those who are physically committing the grievous acts of torture, can we also seek out the masterminds behind the barbarism?

Also, why only focus on the beatings? What about the rampant murders, the poisoning of political opponents, the illegal arrests and house arrests, the daily kidnappings, the indiscriminate and criminal use of teargas, pepper spray on innocent civilians, and even chemicals against innocent civilians?

And the multitudinous economic crimes? The emptying of the country’s coffers, the suffocation of a nation with shameless cronyism and nepotism, the deliberate impoverishing of an entire population, the systemic rapturing of social cohesion and harmony through divide and rule machinations… who will answer for that?

And the reckless raping of the Ugandan constitution through the endless subversion of democratic principles and practice? The deliberate rigging of elections and imposition of undemocratic practices – who bears the responsibility for these travesties?

Mr Yoweri Museveni has sought to ‘crash’ and ‘smash’ the Ugandan People and their nation. True indeed, he has managed to bring untold pain and suffering to an entire populace. What he has failed to do is to break the People’s fighting spirit as well as their determination to hold him and his terror gangs accountable.

Therefore, ever since he assumed that office he has transformed the police force to arbitrarily;

  1. Shoot to kill Ugandans.

2.Truncheon on Ugandans with sticks, cable wires, and expired teargas.

3.Detain and imprison Ugandans without trial.

4.Harass, intimidate, kidnap and assault Ugandans with impunity.

5.Use inappropriate force in containing Ugandans.

6.Frame Ugandans on unfounded cases.

7.Trail, track and spy on Ugandans aimlessly simply they are not regime supporters.

8.Rendition Ugandans through various police jurisdictions incommunicado.

9.Misuse the powers and consistently act outside the law.

10.Dishonor and disgrace the badge of the institution of the police by dispensing orders outside the law.

11.The police of Uganda is corruption ridden beside being named by the human rights agencies as one of the most corrupt in Africa.

12.The police have been built into a partisan force serving the interests of Museveni but not Ugandans.

In spite of the terror and barbaric repression, the People of Uganda continue to rise up in struggle for freedom. On the contrary, Museveni and his terror gangs are on the defensive and in rapid and uncontrollable retreat. At this rate, Uganda will be free sooner, rather later.

Ugandans who are law abiding must keep the police force under severe scrutiny, we need to examine what sort of training manuals the police use to instruct their officers, who are training them?

What instructions do the senior commanders brief and these police commanders prior going out on operations? These are the questions we must soberly ask.

Ugandans let us not relent on this Kayihura must not only go but he must answer to his criminal actions before competent court of laws

This report was jointly issued By Uganda Diaspora P10 publicity team and Dr. Vincent Magombe, Secretary Free Uganda Leadership Committee and Press Secretary FU – 02/-8/2016]