Stop the mass  killings of Ugandans in  Kasese by Museveni !

Warning the images are to graphic!


Today, all eyes are on Uganda, and so they must be – There is a NEW AFRICAN GENOCIDE in the making. And all thanks to Mr Yoweri Museveni, the ruthless dictator who has ruled this East African nation with an iron feast for over 3 decades.


Ninth month after the elections in Uganda, Kasese a town at the footsteps of Rwenzori mountains a region commonly known as the Rwenzuru kingdom in Uganda continues to be plunged in an endless circle of state-orchestrated violence against the kingdom and its subjects.

The social media in Uganda has been recently awash with gory images of victims of extra-judicial killing by the members of Uganda state security. Museveni and his security men have been trying to frame Charles Mumbere for a very long time for harbouring a secessionist ambition, as an excuse to justify military action against the population, who recently overwhelmingly rejected the ruling party by voting 100% for Forum for Democratic Change party in Uganda (FDC). To the regime this is criminal and the region has seen been rewarded with state sponsored violence and the massacres can qualify to the levels proportionate to a genocide. Reports after a report by show that the Uganda government and its security services have been mishandling the security in the Rwenzori Region and implicated in gross human rights abuses against the people in the region.


In a bid to divert attention from a worsening political and security situation in the country, Mr Museveni ordered an all-out military assault on the Rwenzururu Kingdom in Western Uganda. Besides arresting the King, Charles Wesley Mumbere, and the Queen, the Palace was set on fire, followed by what is, without a doubt, a callous massacre and humiliation of the King’s subjects.


In addition to the killings, reports and photographic evidence from the region indicate a barbarism of unimaginable scale, inform organised acts of human degradation by Museveni’s security forces.


In one photograph, a large number of women who were found working in the King’s Palace are seen lined up after being stripped naked stark, with their hands tied behind their backs. These women were not only brutalised, but, in a manner that has become characteristic in Museveni’s Uganda, they were totally humiliated, with some reports suggesting that they were then taken away to unknown destinations, possibly to be raped by Museveni regime operatives.


The Bloodshed in Kasese district was as a result of the government security forces (the UPDF and Uganda police) carrying out operations in Kasese district and summarily killing unarmed civilians. Their actions forced the locals in some parts of the district to retaliate with force to defend themselves and their Kingdom. Armed with rudimentary tools they attempted to fend off a ruthless and merciless combined force of police and UPDF, totalling to over 600 men supported with artillery and armoured vehicles with powerful machine guns. They stormed the palace through the roof and killed 32 guards of the 40 royal guards. The consequences were bodies littered in the streets of Kasese, after that the government security forces went on a rampage of indiscriminate shooting of its citizens in Kasese.

The media houses were completely locked out during the operation, upon realising the massive crimes against humanity they have committed in Kasese, the regime security elements gathered the hundreds of bodies of hacked, burnt, mutilated and shot victims .The others  the security tried to cover up the crime by washing the blood spill around the palace and some of the killed civilians were hastily dressed  in police uniform to justify the use of violence in attacking the palace, the evidence is that underneath the alleged attackers visibly wore civilian clothes.


This the point they invited journalists to the scene to cover only filtered information, but by sheer lack Joy Doreen Biira a journalist working with Kenya Television Network who was in Kasese for her traditional wedding, filmed the incidences and shared the photos and videos of the fighting on her social media account. She soon was arrested together with four other journalists’ and charged with the offences of ‘abetting terrorism’ by the Uganda police under case file SD ref 61/27/11/016.


Brig Peter Elwelu, the UPDF 2nd Division Commander defended the army’s attack on the palace, calling them terrorist and this begs more answers, the questions are? Is the journalist terrorist or enemies of the state in Uganda?


The police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi also defended the shoot-to-kill policy in the Rwenzori region, police said yesterday.

“The government security forces will do whatever it takes to ensure that all criminal elements are put out of action. And there is no doubt, no joking around. Anybody who attacks our security forces will be just put out of action before he kills our security personnel,” he said. We deserve answers to this puzzle of the security attacking the palace and virtually destroying everything including the structures to turn around and claim the 40 poorly armed local guards can attack 600 well-armed soldiers.


The regime is oblivious of the fact when you directly attack the palace of His Majesty King Charles Wisely Number you are speaking volumes to the people who believe in him, an attack on this institution is not only an attack on their cultural identity but also an attack on the entire community worldwide this can only breed a lot of underground violence.


Their attempt before to link His Majesty King Charles Wisely Mumbere to fermenting tribal conflict in the region fell flat on its face and this can only indicate the regime is waging a protracted revenge of killings, torture, and exacting gross violation of human rights so as to coerce support.



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14 police officers and 41 Ruwenzori assailants killed in Kasese clashes


It is time for all Ugandans, as well as Africa and the world at large, to wake up and act to save a nation that is sliding into the abyss. Uganda is bleeding because of Mr Museveni’s military coup in February 2016, when he forcefully grabbed power from the winning candidate in the Ugandan national elections, Dr Kizza Besigye.


Now that the whole country has rejected him, Museveni has resorted to using extreme violence as a tool for subjugating the Ugandan Populace.The security services must be reminded of their Constitutional obligation and must be told to operate within the law.


Written by Atocon Moses for UG-DP10 & Dr Vincent Magombe for FREE UGANDA



Without a doubt 2016 will go down in history as an odd year- speaking politically; a year in which we have witnessed unusual or bizarre political shift, unseen in centuries and not even since political civilisation.

At any point in our history, people have predicted with near accuracy political trends to the people that political analysts have paid no attention to voters changing appetite for the status quo. In truth, there has been complacency.

Politicians have become so powerful, larger than life to the point that they have completely detached themselves from the people that give them political power. Politicians are quick to proclaim how they derive their power from God but forget that the same God gave voters the wisdom to make good, right or bad decisions.

The politicians have expectedly become presumptive. Big mistake. This year, people have decided to reclaim the power from the ruling political class and applied their wisdom to set a stage for new world order. The people are rewriting history.

The ruling political have been shaken and shaken hard. In Britain, the rebirth of nationalism forced a vote that ultimately forced the former empire out of European Union. It was a wake-up call.

In the East Midlands England, a team Leicester FC promoted to the Premier League from the football league championship in 2014 upset the mighty clubs and went on to be crowned Premier League champions.

In continental Europe, there is a resurgence of far-right political parties, unseen in the last the last 70 years. Since 2010, the rise of populist parties have rattled the exclusive political class have worked tirelessly for decades to create a secular central command. Not anymore.

Europe’s are wary. They have every reason to be afraid of the people they have dominated for so many years.The toxic combination of the most prolonged period of economic stagnation and the worst refugee crisis since the end of the Second World War has seen the far-Right surging across the continent, from Athens to Amsterdam and many points in between.

In the USA, Donald Trump, clearly a Washington outsider, beat all odds to become the 45th President of the free nation. Trump’s win was remarkable. He has never held any political office. The political class was against, the media was against him, corporate America was against him. He was a loner but silent Americans trusted him with Superpowers nuclear codes.

In Uganda, the voting trends have been against Mr. Yoweri Museveni but Museveni’s obsession with the use of violence to satisfy his political appetite meant that he has had to use guns to impose himself on people that rejected him in the ballot box. People voting against Museveni overwhelming might have come as a shock to him, but more shocking is the unwavering opposition his political hegemony is the biggest shock.

While in a free world, the political class has unwittingly accepted to deal with their exploitation, in dictatorships like Uganda, the dictator decides to move against the people that oppose him. Museveni would rather struggle with legitimacy problems than lay down arms and surrender to the will of the people.

Therefore all attempts to repair his image after the 2016 shock are in futility. He knows it. Museveni must listen to the ordinary folks and stop taking them for granted. He has no choice. The free world has learned that the people have only to right- right to vote and that right to vote can change the destiny of a nation.

The vote is now the only weapon against social ,economic and political injustices.

Article was published @Katonga Express

IGP General Kale Kayihura`s Ploy Leaks.


Our intelligence has again unearthed a plot to liquidate president Kizza Besigye and Lord mayor Erias Lukwago.The credible information was supplied by an insider well versed with this plot. IGP general Kale Kayihura is in absolute command of this operation with the full backing of the Museveni inner circle, this mission will be executed at the end of January 2017.

The plot involves a secret group of specialized police assassins who are almost concluding a grilling training in Somalia and soon to be passed.The well-calculated plan will have these hitmen embedded in the public wearing FDC’s Tshirts to masquerade as vibrant supporters of FDC. The first phase of the plan is already in process , Kayihura has already deployed many inexperienced police cadet officers in and around Kampala to closely monitor the movements of key figures and allies of the people’s president Dr. Kizza Besigye .


Part of the well-choreographed plan is to generate enough commotion on the streets to give these snipers opportunity to assassinate president Besigye and blame it on the inexperience of the rookie police officers on duty.Already last week alone when some high-placed members of the people’s government were brutally arrested and physically molested by the rookie police officers,one of them innocently divulged the information that they are now going to accomplish the tasks that their senior and experienced colleagues resisted executing.

Details of the assassins,
6 policewomen training with UPDF in Mogadishu in specifically undergoing, physiological training , operations of an armored vehicle in which they will be concealed in every time to trail their targets. .They are set to return by the end of November and as I have mentioned the mission will be executed in January 2017.Around about that time, Museveni will either be out of the country or travel inland at the time of execution of this mission.

I am calling upon citizens and defenders of our leaders to remain very vigilant and register all new faces who will feign as our supporters.In the aftermath of leaking, this ploy the Observer newspaper published a similar story: The steamy report in intelligence circle that got to our desk two days ago was that the Ugandan Government had mooted a plot to eventually eliminate Dr. Kizza Besigye. Insiders from both the Police Academy and from other circles described a detailed plot that involved training special commandos and planting them in FDC crowds or any KB future street matches to kill him. We spent time verifying the information and indeed, we found that the plot was not far-fetched. W

When Atocon Moses eventually released the information, naysayers were hell bent on distortion as usual, without bothering to investigate and question the story. It is traditional that we instinctively deny what we do not know or what we feel threatens our status quo, not so? Now listen to this, The Observer picked up a similar story and wrote a stunning headline: Commandos to Tame Dr. Besigye. This morning, afternoon in East Africa, the Observer is offline. We are wondering, could it be a genuine server failure or UCC clampdown? The truth will absolve us. Nevertheless, any attempts on the life or persons of the President of the People will draw harsh backlashes with spasmodic consequences unseen in modern day Uganda.

The blood of our President shall re-write the history of this country by watering a forest of unity in defiance. Thank you to our insiders and informants. We shall keep Ugandans informed of all the dirty tricks. 

In the meantime, we call upon the public to help us in face recognition and naming of all Police officers involved in a violation of human rights. There are the new recruits from Masindi who are these days deployed at KB’s home. These people are ruthless, they strangle women and children, have a propensity for wearing suits and coats, and are mindless in their new trade. Let us identify them and bring them individually to the books.

Uganda Diaspora P10 Publicity Team.