FDC Manifesto



I am honored to present the FDC Manifesto 2016-2021, seeking the mandate of Ugandans to lead our country to a future of equal opportunity and shared prosperity. Our mission is to work for a socially, economically, politically, morally and ethically transformed Uganda where all Ugandan citizens: men, women, youth and children live a life of dignity, have access to equal opportunity and become masters of their own destiny.

Our manifesto is therefore built on three pillars: liberation; restructuring of state institutions; and transformation.

Economic growth must create opportunity and shared prosperity for all citizens. Our economic plan focuses on investing in our people to ensure that the population is educated, healthy and wealthy.

The institutions of state must respect their mandates, operate efficiently and be accountable to the citizens. Our plan focuses on rebuilding the institutions of state to ensure their autonomy, improve efficiency, while at the same time cutting down the cost of public administration.

Citizens must reclaim their power to hold all leaders accountable. Our government will implement measures to ensure citizens understand their constitutional and civic rights and duties. Citizens will know that government must work for them.

Citizens must gain high levels of civic consciousness to defy unlawful actions and continuously resist the emergence of dictatorship and the usurping of their power. Government under FDC will partner with religious institutions and other civic organizations to implement continuous civic education programmes to raise levels of civic consciousness and civic competence as our defense against dictatorship and patronage.

We also know that the challenges of our moment are real. We are confronted with predatory dictatorship that undermines the institutions of state, robs the opportunities of our young people and steals from the future generations.

We are confronted with a receding democracy, two decades of jobless growth, an economy that is growing slower than its real potential and citizenry that is increasingly being reduced to beggars.

FDC is the only party that has the discipline, resilience and resolve to confront these challenges. We know that we have to overcome the smallness of the ideas of the incumbent leadership and accelerate the pace of development to benefit our people. We must move away from celebrating marginal achievements and pursue development programmes that are bold, time bound and measurable.

We must stop measuring progress by looking at where we have come from butto where we want to be and the progress we can make we can make if we have a disciplined leadership.

On February 18, 2016, each one of us will walk into that voting booth, well aware of these challenges facing our country, our generation and our children. We will be making a choice between a future that looks like the present and a future that promises equal opportunity and shared prosperity for every Ugandan citizen.

Our vote will determine whether we remain in the present state of powerlessness or whether we will be part of those millions of Ugandans seeking to create a future where we have a government that listens to us, respects our dignity and honors those that offer public service.

Most importantly, our vote will determine whether our mothers get the health care they deserve, our children get the quality education that enables them to compete, and our young people to have an opportunity to get a job that enables them to live a dignified life.

That future is in our hands. Now let’s go and create it!

For God and my Country!

Dr. Col. (Rtd.) Kizza Besigye

Presidential Candidate



  1. Stability and Security for all Ugandan citizens.
  2. Revamp and Rehabilitate the Health Sector.
  3. Establish a National Agriculture Bank.
  4. Give tractors to every sub-county.
  5. Increase water supply for domestic and agriculture.
  6. End Land grabbing and restore cattle.
  7. Provide laptops to students.
  8. Increase Primary Teachers’ SALARY to 650,000/- then Secondary Teachers’ Salary to 1,000,000/-.
  9. Invest in Sports, women and Youth.
  10. Conduct Constitutional review on federal system of governance.
  11. Restructure government and end public resource wastage.
  13. Build better roads and other infrastructure i.e. Electricity, Railways.
  14. Deeper democracy, restore term limits and electoral democracy.
  15. Lower taxes and create employment.
  16. Increase Investment in the Tourism sector.
  17. Increase prices for Agriculture produce and provide market.

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