P10 Strategy


Under this NRM regime, Uganda has never had a free and fair elections.

Subsequent elections in 2001, 2006 and 2011 in which Col (Rtd) Dr. Kiiza Besigye was the main Opposition Candidate, were all characterized by gross electoral malpractices and vote rigging. Vote rigging and electoral malpractices are contemptuous to the exercise of people’s power, compromises people’s ability to hold governments accountable, and created apathy to Elections.

For example:

Extract from the 2001 ELECTIONS: Supreme Court Judges ruling

The decision of the Court is constituted in the findings on the framed issues. We find:-

  1. That during the Presidential Elections 2001, the 2nd Respondent did not comply with provisions of the Presidential Elections Act-
    (a) in s.28, as it did not publish in the Gazette 14 days prior to nomination of candidates, a complete list of polling stations that were used in the election; and
    (b) in s.32(5), as it failed to supply to the Petitioner official copy of voters register for use by his agents on polling day
  2. That the said election was conducted partially in accordance with the principles laid down in the said Act, but that-
    (a) in some areas of the country, the principle of free and fair election was compromised;
    (b) in the special polling stations for soldiers, the principle of transparency was not applied , and
    (c) there was evidence that in a significant number of polling stations there was cheating.
  • Recognising that Uganda has endured 30 years of NRM authoritarianism and patronage.
  • Reminded that NRM is a disguised military rule that took power by the barrel of the gun.
  • Knowing that the regime has never had the will to organise free and fair elections.
  • Realising that Gen Yoweri Museveni does not intend to hand over power peacefully.
  • Understanding that rigging elections helps Gen Yoweri Museveni to cling to power.
  • That the ruling NRMO is fused with the state to outcompete the opposition.
  • Remembering the consistent state inspired repression, impoverishment marginalisation and molestation against the retired   Dr Colonel Kizza Besigye (KB) and the Political Reforms Agenda, FDC and all pro-democracy and human rights activists in Uganda.
  • Recognising KB’s consistency in the peaceful and constitutional struggle against corruption, misrule and human rights abuse.
  • Observing that Ugandans are saying enough is enough and that they are ready to use all means necessary to defy the regimes rigging machinery.
  • Answering the calling for all of us to participate in ensuring that the next election should not be rigged and enable Uganda to have a peaceful and democratic change of government from the Junta.
  • Noting that Uganda might slide into a civil war like the one witnessed in Burundi.

The P10 Diaspora is the civil response to the call by the FDC Presidential Flag Bearer, Col (Rtd)  Dr. Kiiza Besigye for grass-root mobilization volunteers to campaign, and protect the votes meant for Dr. Besigye.  The P10 strategy is to escalate civic awareness about effective exercising of peoples’ power to achieve the desired change, and to eliminate the attendant fears associated with the NRM violence during elections.

P10 Justified

The P10 is a network of peace loving Ugandans whose power is enshrined under the constitutional mandate of Art. (1) in Chapter 1 of the 1995 Constitution which states that “Power belongs to the people” and subsequently, directs that the people of Uganda are at liberty to use their power as they so wish.

Currently, the ruling Party enjoys a monopoly of 30 Party Committee members in each of the 57 792 villages in Uganda and Opposition groups have none. Which makes vote rigging in remote rural communities possible.

In addition to this elaborate structure, the ruling Party relies heavily on the services of Security personnel from Village, Parish, Gombolola, and Districts, under the stewardship of the Regional District Representatives (RDCs), to mobilize for support for the incumbent using state resources. This gigantic structure, makes it impossible for a level playing field for elections to be termed “fair”.  It also makes vote rigging and malpractices possible since Opposition candidates cannot outmatch the structural set-up, high levels of intimidation and voters bribery.

The P10 therefore, is a basic minimum attempt to put in place a skeletal counter-effort to this humongous structural advantage enjoyed by the incumbent, especially in rural communities. The Will of the people is ripe for change, and P10 concept has resonated well with the masses. The desired change is here – it’s not a matter of if, but when, and come February 18, 2016, Ugandans will unveil a new era with a new leader to take this country to a another chapter in its life, with a renewed hope for equitable society [Read more…].

How P10 Operates

The P10 is an organization of 10 People cascading from village to village to ensure a close knit of pro – change people to liaise to mobilize themselves to vote and to ensure that their votes are properly protected, tallied and accurately communicated on real-time basis, and properly registered in an accountable manner. It is a mechanism to ensure accountability in the handling of people’s votes so that it is not stolen, squandered or misrepresented as has always been the case in previous elections.