International Uganda Convention

The Uganda Diaspora and other civic society organisations in Netherlands are organising an “International Conference on Uganda” scheduled from 23rd- 26th February 2017 in The Hague, the Netherlands.

The three days’ convention aims at arriving at a consensus on the roadmap for a; United, Decisive Constitutional Reforms, Electoral Reforms, the Peaceful transition of power in Uganda, and vulnerable minorities.

The three days’ convention will bring together stakeholders in the political, social and economic development of Uganda e.g. but not limited to members of the ruling government party, opposition leaders, Members of Parliament (MPs), Representative from Uganda’s: Judiciary, Civic Society Organizations (CSOs), Religious Leaders, Cultural Leaders who form the nexus of Uganda’s peace, stability and development.

In addition, we have invited distinguished international, local and Diaspora based pro-democracy and pro-human rights intelligentsia as well as a representative from International Criminal Court (ICC) European Union (EU) the Dutch government. and Uganda’s strategic development partners.

Under the Conference theme the following shall be the main areas of discussion:

  1. The Role and Unity of the pro-democracy and good governance activists (tools of change – drivers of change)
  2. Consensus on the benchmarks for sustainable political stability and democracy.
  3. Consensus on whether Uganda is a democracy or the country needs political reforms and free and fair elections
  4. The Role of Uganda Diaspora Uganda’s in the Political, social and economic development of Uganda Diaspora in the development of democracy and good governance in Uganda with particular emphasis on the Uganda Diaspora Right to vote and direct representatives in the Uganda Parliament.
  5. The Ruwenzori Crisis; focusing on prevention of genocide, military conflicts and demilitarising Uganda’s politics once and for all.
  6. Uganda’s strategic role to stability in the Great Lakes and IGAAD and Great Regions.
  7. The human rights situation in Uganda with particular emphasis on the right to choose leaders in free and fair elections, freedom of assembly and demonstration.
  8. Good governance. Zero tolerance for corruption and abuse of public resources and affairs, a sound and steady economic growth with clear agenda.

Your knowledge, experience and expertise in one of the discussions prescribed above will add great value to the objectives of the issue and results convention!

You are free to mention or name which topic in relation to the theme you will prefer to discuss and how much time your presentation take.

We look forward to your confirmation of participation and guidance.

Our obligations:

  • Ø Issuing invitation letters to the delegates.

  • Ø Coordinating Transportation from the airport to the hotel and the conference venue.

  • Ø Arranging for your accommodation at a fee while in the Netherlands.

  • Ø Meals & refreshments at the conference venue.

Your obligations;

  • Ø Remit $ 100 administration fees

  • Ø Paying for the Visa application fee

  • Ø Processing your visas

  • Ø Meeting the cost of air ticket and health insurance while in the Netherlands

Jackie Oloya



The organising committee

The international Convention of Ugandans 23rd- 26th February 2017

Attached is the Convention project overview




Press Release: 

Date: 03-10-2016

Subject: Human Rights Abuses.


Uganda Diaspora P10 (UG-DP10), a pressure group of Ugandans resident abroad and a major stakeholder in the social, political and economic development of Uganda have learned with shock and awe, the the excesses and unprofessional conduct of Uganda police and its sister security agencies in continuing to violate the fundamental rights of the person of Col. (Rtd). Dr. Kiiza Besigye.

On the 3rd of October 2016 at exactly 8:15 Dr. Besigye like any other Ugandan returned home after a month abroad on international duties. The supporters of Dr. Besigye were in high anticipation, as free citizens, to welcome their hero, a man they continue to view as the legitimately elected President of Uganda. Dr. Besigye’s popularity and his touring public image as their President is something that the illegitimate dictatorship of Mr. Museveni fears terribly. This compelled the security agencies to waylay the People’s President from the plane, abducting him with excessive force, and driving him at high speed to the old airport, and then to his home so that his supporters do not catch a glimpse of their President. This is a demonstrated act of cowardice, and a confirmation that indeed, the coercive arm of this government is the one imposing this regime on the people of Uganda.

It then follows that upon Dr. Besigye’s homecoming events stirred panic and disconcert among the security agencies. The reaction of the state was typical, a vagrant of violations of the fundamental rights of the people`s president Dr.Kizza Besigye and it must be condemned by Ugandans and members of the international community.

The article 4 (1) Fundamental rights and freedoms enshrined in the Uganda’s 1995 (as amended) states that the rights of individuals are inherent and not granted by the State. (2) The rights and freedoms of the individual and groups enshrined in this Chapter shall be respected, upheld and promoted by all organs and agencies of Government and by all persons.

Under the same article 4 sections 29. (2) Every Ugandan shall have the right— (a) to move freely throughout Uganda and to reside and settle in any part of Uganda; (b) to enter, leave and return to, Uganda; and (c) to a passport or other travel document. These fundamental rights of Dr. Besigye, as enshrined in the constitution, were violated.

The return of the people`s president to Uganda was an event officially organized by his party The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). Ugandans have the right to organize and to associate. Due permission was formally sought for as guided by the draconian Public Management Act and it was duly granted by the police on 27th -09-2016. On the eventual day members of the people’s cabinet including the Lord Mayor of Kampala, Erias Lukwago were humiliated by the airport authorities while they eagerly waited outside the airport to receive the People’s President. Unknown to them, Dr. Kizza Besigye was already whisked away from the airport ramp and driven off under heavy military convey.

The police didn’t stop at only violating the rights of the people’s president, this extended to the party headquarters. The Police forcefully dispersed a prearranged welcome meeting that was to be addressed by Dr. Besigye. The police cordoned the premises and kept a police chopper hovering over the premises to intimidate FDC supporters, while the blocked anyone from entering or exiting FDC premises on Entebbe Road. Along the way, the police arrested over 50 activists for taking part in an activity to welcome Dr. Kizza Besigye. This, to us imply that the state has continued to restrict the political space for ordinary Ugandans to exercise their freedom of association, of assembly and even for intellectual development.

The state of Uganda must come to term that their attempt to superimpose Museveni in the hearts and minds of Ugandans is an attempt in futility. In February of 2016, the People`s President, Dr. Besigye won the elections with a landslide and only a military coup stopped him. Dr Besigye is a symbol of a protracted struggle against dictatorship, which Ugandans identify with. Therefore, no amount of patronization or use of instruments of oppression and repression of the people, shall derail or deter them from seeking their desire for freedom, equality and democracy.

Uganda Diaspora P10 will continue to lobby and engage with the development partners of the Uganda people to snub the dictatorship in Uganda on the account of its human rights violation. Democracy is not all about regular and botched elections. It is about the preceding conditions of freedom, where people are at unfettered liberty to organize, debate, associate, and move freely without any censures and intimidation. The conduct of the State towards Dr. Besigye is a sign that Uganda lacks a commitment to democracy, protection of human rights and rule of law.  These are bad traits that it is shameful that such a regime still has allies among governments with credible democratic credentials. We appeal to the African Union Commission for Humans and People’s Rights, the Human Global Rights based agencies and the developmental partners to take actions towards restraining this dictatorship from continued violation of people’s rights in Uganda.



Jackie Oloya

Chairperson Uganda Diaspora P10.


DATE:03 -09-2016.

Your Excellency Retired Col Dr Kizza Besigye the elected president of the Republic of Uganda, Madame Winnie Byanyima peoples’ first lady and director Oxfam, your Excellence’s the Diplomatic Corps representing your countries, the Religious Leaders present, Distinguished Guests in different protocols , members of the Uganda Diaspora P10 , the leaders and members of the UNAA , representatives of Uganda political parties and last but not the least all of you that have come to attend this convention.
On behalf of the Uganda Diaspora P10 I would like thank all of you for taking time from your busy schedules and answer our call to come and meet our beloved leader the Uganda Peoples’ on his first visit to the Ugandans in Diaspora and the International community since he won the February 18th election in Uganda to lead them.
Your excellency president Kizza Besigye allow me to address you as Col Dr KB your brand liberation name. Col Dr KB, I and the Uganda Diaspora P10 congratulate you for winning the 2016 Election.You have remained the winner we have known since the 2001 election. For us, it is not a surprise that you even won the Feb 18th, 2016 election. Which elections didn’t you win since 2001 anyway?
When you launched the P10 (Power 10) Concept for vote mobilization and protection we answered your call and formed the Uganda Diaspora P10 whose aims, objectives, activities and structures are well spelt on our website
We have members, branches and representatives in all continents of the world and adopted the concept because it embraces liberation of our country from dictatorship.
P10 welcomed members regardless of their nationalities, political parties, tribes, religion, age or gender.
We knew that with dictator Museveni still in office liberation would go beyond electioneering and so we in the P10 were not surprised by what transpired since the effective military takeover of governance on 17th February 2016 up to now.
Nevertheless, we voluntarily mobilized financial resources, manpower, technology and put up a secret shortwave radio that outreached many voters and created awareness and the voter’s confidence that was witnessed during the elections.
All this contributed greatly to the massive support, reduction of voter apathy votes protection and the overwhelming win of 62% of the votes cast.
Whoever has doubt on this should prove us wrong in an independent international election audit.
It is a pity that since the 1970s in Uganda, winning an election and taking state power are two different things!! It’s not the votes that count or those who count the votes that matter. It’s what those gun shielded partisan election victory thieves that matter.
This is the dilemma we as P10 have taken up as a duty to join hands with you and all good wishes of democracy, human rights and freedom in order to resolve it once and for all and by any peaceful means necessary!
After the people’s victory was out rightly stolen, the Uganda Diaspora P10 sponsored a World Wide International lobby for intervention. This included writing petitions to governments and international community societies, Demonstrations and meetings with officials of governments and civil society organizations.
We did that in order to increase awareness of the total dictatorship in Uganda not that we expected them to liberate our motherland from dictatorship but to prepare them to embrace the actions Ugandans were bound and likely to take to eject the dictatorial regime which the people had rejected in the February election.
This was a job well done, today we need no more lobby because the people we are lobbying know more than we do. What we told them was amplified by their elections monitors, observers and ambassadors.
They are only expecting us to tell them what action we have taken or intend to take to restore sanity in Uganda. We are getting very late but not too late to deliver on this.
Your excellency, now that you are temporarily out of Prison, we implore and wait for guidance from you and from the FDC on what actions we should do next in order to liberate our country.
We appreciate your uprightness and consistency in the liberation struggle.
We want you to note that we are fully aware of what you have been going through and the battles you are yet to face, the many arrests yet to come and that your home was turned into a prison where you get incarcerated, you have been detained in almost all the prisons of Uganda including the maximum prison in Luzira.
The Regime has even realized that there is no prison big and with its walls strong enough to Cage you!!!
That is a high price you are paying so that all of Ugandans shall be independent and free. It may have taken long and it may take longer than we want but definitely, with consistent leaders like you we see the light at the end of the tunnel and we will reach the destiny and enjoy our hard earned victory. Our right to enjoy the hard earned victory is only delayed but we shall never be denied.
The pain of losing one’s Nation has never been less than what you, we and the voiceless Ugandans are going through and you are not a stranger to such. I challenge anyone to mention any liberation struggle in Uganda that you did not take part in!!
That is why your excellency you earned the free, unconditional, untransferable and everlasting support of the Uganda masses.
They Ugandan masses will soon deliver you to the throne and hand over state power to you to lead them out of the NRMO Kingdom of Dictatorship.
Although the Uganda Diaspora P10 was formed around the electioneering period and structured according to mobilization of votes and votes protection, we noted that it was going to be a protracted liberation struggle and therefore the executive committee is doing brainstorming, consultations and restructuring to be able to handle the next phase, which is putting our leader into the Highest Office in Uganda we helped him to win in order to serve the People of Uganda and NOT to be Served!!
We want to assure you that this also will be achieved. The Uganda Diaspora P10 shall not at any given time abandon or abscond from the struggle until the Junta in Kampala is taken out of power and the power is handed over back to the people through their elected leader Retired Col Dr Kizza Besigye.
In addition to restructuring, we are about to finalize a comprehensive project proposal for the liberation, political reforms and the transitional government of National Unity. A draft copy of which we have already given to one of your assistants.
We are in Preparations to call a week-long stakeholders conference/ workshop to finalize the proposal and launch the road map for Uganda’s liberation and transformation. This meeting is likely to take place in the last week of November in Stockholm the Capital of Sweden, a date yet to be fixed. All Ugandans who want to contribute to the liberation of our motherland shall be invited to participate.
Let me take this opportunity to invite all of you to present here today to come and participate fully in the conference.
Those of you who have not joined the Uganda Diaspora P10 are invited to join us. P10 is the grassroots-based non-partisan home of all Ugandans who believe that liberation is the answer to the eradication of dictatorship in Uganda. We are harnessing the peoples’ power and preparing the masses to recover the political power from wrong hands in which it was placed by militarists.
Never the less the P10 concept does not condone, advocate for or support violence as a means of attaining and retaining power. As a pressure group, we believe in a peaceful mass uprising against dictatorship.
The people of Uganda shall with the protection of the state exercise their freedoms of choice (including the choice of their president), assembly, demonstration and movement.
We have listened carefully on your take for the proposed dialogue between the ruling party and the Opposition (you).
We agree entirely with a Structured Dialogue and NOT the Imposed Dialogue. That’s what civilized nations and people do. We are with you in doubting the sincerity and civilization of NRMO people.
What we want to add is that you should give them a red line beyond which only the highest form of diplomacy i.e. the people’s revolution shall prevail. Let us set the pace and determine when the dialogue on comprehensive political reforms should be discussed and implemented.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank your Excellency Madam Winnie Byanyima for standing with your husband, the People of Uganda and your nation and above all in the protracted struggle for liberating our motherland Uganda.
We know you have endured all the stress, insults and pain along the way not just for the love of the Retired Colonel but because you personally have been a smart and strong soldier of the liberation in all your rights. Not many wives of liberators understood and remained loyal and faithful partners. We pray that God keeps you in that spirit of Hakuna Mchezo – Kiggwa learn!! i.e. until Uganda is free.
To the organizers of this meeting, I would like to state that we the P10 are humbled by your tremendous performance and we thank you for giving us time and space to deliver this message.

Jackie Oloya
The Chairperson Uganda Diaspora P10

FDC UK Chapter & Uganda Diaspora P10 Presents! RTD COL DR. KIZZA BESIGYE.


The FDC UK Chapter in conjunction with Uganda Diaspora P10 and other prodemocracy organizations in the UK are organizing a Celebration and Welcome Event for His Excellency, The People’s President, Retired Col Dr. Kizza Besigye.

The People’s President will be addressing Ugandans/friends & other stakeholders to thank them for their continued support to liberate Uganda. He will also be sharing the way forward and seeking their support for the continued struggle.

There will be other prominent speakers including pro-democracy and human rights activists from other countries.

Date: Saturday, 27th August 2016.

From 2:00 – 8:00 pm.  Free Entry.

Venue: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel London – Docklands Riverside 265 Rotherhithe Street, London, SE16 5HW.

Direction & Nearest Station: Canary Wharf station, head southwest and turn right towards S Colonnade.  At Westferry Circus, take the third exit and take the stairs to Canary Wharf Pier. From Canary Wharf Pier, take a complimentary two-minute ferry ride directly to the hotel.

Please feel free to share this message widely.


Chris: 07796176981, Dickson: 07950883213, Leonard: 07737887285, Charles: 07539977112, Francis: 07533105763 & Stella: 07903802053


For Any Donation, Please transfer to FDC UK Chapter Barclays Bank Account: GB85BARC20206523527603

No: 23527603 Sort Code: 20-20-65.





Press Release: 

Date: 15-07-2016

Subject: Human Rights Abuses 


For two days in a row from 12th July to 13th July 2016, Ugandans and the world have witnessed wanton and brutal violence meted out on the citizens of Uganda by overzealous Uganda Police Force. The dehumanizing footage and the circulated images of the abuses are so heart wrenching to any law abiding citizens including the regime supporters. The evidence of their brutality is captured on a live broadcast by NBS TV and other Uganda media houses. The footage shows the police brutalizing and beating up innocent bystanders as they waved to Dr. Kizza Besigye.

This is ordinarily a normal cultural gesture of Ugandans demonstrating respect and also welcoming their leader Dr. Kizza Besigye back to the community after the ordeal of his arrest and subsequent imprisonment for over two month’s period.

This combination of stick-wielding police officers and uniformed citizens were commanded by Kampala Metropolitan Police South Regional commander Andrew Kaggwa. The worst incident was at a junction of Busabala Road to Najjanakumbi off Entebbe Road where the police surrounded Dr. Besigye’s supporters and the beating ensued live on television.

These heinous acts have been registered to the police several times by the citizens but it remains unchecked and no legal redress. Hardly any day passes by without the police inflicting bodily harm to the citizens of Uganda in an undignified manner and this growing culture of impunity is encouraged from the top leadership.

What we are witnessing is an emerging police state where police have become an instrument of oppression and repression. Previously the police have worked with masked gangs to indiscriminately unleash terror and havoc on citizens of Uganda;

  • On April 12, 2016, masked perpetrators sprayed pepper and beat up boda-boda cyclists and onlookers on Kampala Road. Besigye was in Crane Bank at the time and the people had gathered to see him.
  • On May 11, 2016, a day to President Museveni’s swearing-in, police, and the military beat up people, including journalists using fists and batons in downtown Kampala shortly after arresting Besigye.

Uganda Diaspora P10, a pressure group of Ugandans resident abroad and a major stakeholder in the social, political and economic development of Uganda condemns these excesses and unprofessional conduct of Uganda Police Force.

Therefore; we are addressing the following:

  1. The Uganda Police Force

We remind the Uganda Police Force, that they are duty bound under the law to protect life and property of the people; and their actions of the brutal suppression of its citizens are inconsistent with the Constitution and that is outright criminal.


It’s unlawful for the police to obstruct the fundamental constitutional provisions of; rights to freedom, right to enjoyment, rights of association and freedom of expression. The difference at hand is political opinion and not a matter of the law, therefore the solution can ever be achieved by the use of brutal force to whip the citizens into accepting a regime that has been pushed down their throats.


The police have continuously violated the rights of Ugandans by brutal acts; and beatings – many have been beaten to a comma, inflicted disability, and many have succumbed to death. However, your goals of turning them to support the regime you are protecting remain elusive. “The police may inflict injuries on the bodies of the citizens but you will never change their hearts” Their spirits will never distance from supporting Dr. Kizza Besigye as their recognized leader.


We are further dismayed by the response of the Inspector General of Police (IGP) General Kale Kayihura, while holding a press conference on the 14th July 2016. General Kale Kayihura applauded the police officers seen caning Kizza Besigye supporters as good police officers and he also alleged that the Forth Estate TV show is the media propaganda platform for the opposition.


This evidently sums it up about the Uganda Police Force, for all intent and purposes the force believes in extreme violence as a means of dealing with the opponent of the regime. To the contrary, this is counterproductive and can only succeed in derailing our country further from the course of democracy, equal treatment, and development.

This blatant failure by the Uganda Police Force to uphold civil Justice, the law enforcers must not under any circumstances resort to unlawful means to enforce Law and Order.

However, it’s imperative to note that violence breeds violence, and this may compel Ugandans to take on violent means as a way of defending their rights and freedoms. We equally remind the individual police officers that IGP Kayihura will not be there to defend you when the law catches up with you eventually.

  1. The Citizens of Uganda

Those who are in the conspiracy of silence during moments of oppression build a nation full of the cowardly citizenry. We have not only the vested powers in ourselves to defend our existence, but we also have the moral obligation to resist oppression. This struggle is not about a liberator, don’t wait for a liberator. You are the liberator. Liberators do not exist without the oppressed being fully conscious of their conditions. Liberators only exist within the people in the process of liberating themselves.

You are mandated by the Constitution of Uganda to liberate yourselves from the dictatorship, savagery, and oppression. For those who have occasioned fence sitters, you should be reminded that indecision is a conspiracy in subtle support of repression. Your neutrality only militates against you and entrenches the dictatorship. In fact, you should be reminded of the wise counsel of the iconic South African Archbishop, Desmond Tutu that “…if you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality”.

We have to make a remarkable determination to restore the rule of law in Uganda, uphold peace and pledge a commitment to a common purpose of stable, violence-free democracy for the future generations.

For God and My Country.


Jackie Oloya

Uganda Diaspora P10 Chairperson






– The International community


– All Uganda pro-democracy and human rights activists


– Global Human Rights Defenders.

Diplomats walk out from Museveni!

US Amb.


A number of diplomats representing the US and a number of western countries were seen walking out immediately after President Museveni introduced Sudanese president Gen Omar al-Bashir and called the ICC useless and “a bunch of useless people”


This morning, U.S. Principal Deputy Secretary of State for African Affairs Bruce Wharton spoke to the media about the U.S.-Uganda relationship and yesterday’s swearing-in of President Museveni. Below are excerpts of his prepared remarks:

“In response to President Bashir’s presence and President Museveni’s remarks,” U.S. State Department spokesperson Elizabeth Trudeau said at a Thursday press briefing, “the U.S. delegation, along with representatives of the E.U. countries and Canada, departed the inauguration ceremonies to demonstrate our objection.”

“The United States values its relationship with Uganda and the Ugandan people. Our two countries cooperate closely on a number of important issues, and together we have accomplished a great deal in the areas of health, education, and security – areas that directly benefit the well-being of Ugandans across the country.

Now, as you have seen recently, we do have some differences with the government of Uganda. As a friend of the Ugandan people, we are concerned when we see freedoms being denied. And as friends will do, we feel an obligation to raise our concerns or objections about decisions that are taken that will have a negative effect on the trajectory of this country and the future of the Ugandan people. We care about what happens in Uganda, not because we are looking to get something out of it, but because we believe all citizens deserve to live in a country where their rights and freedoms are respected so that they can decide for themselves their own futures.

I came to represent the U.S. government at President Museveni’s swearing-in because of this friendship and the relationship we have built over many years with Ugandans. We wanted to acknowledge this important event in Uganda’s history, and affirm the broad partnership we have now with Uganda.”










The Uganda Diaspora P10, a pro-democracy consortium of Ugandans in the Diaspora, has learnt with shock and awe that the Military dictatorship of President Museveni has swiftly imposed an immediate media ban on coverage of political activities of the Opposition Political Party, the Forum for Democratic Change; and activities attributed to the defiance campaign against manner of the fraudulent February 18, 2016, General Elections.


This ban follows another unfortunate precedent set by a regime’s “cadre” Judge, Deputy Chief Justice, Justice Steven Kavuma, who, in an ex parte ruling on April 29, 2016, summarily banned all activities of FDC, including worshipping the Lord by Party supporters. The ruling also banned Dr. Kizza Besigye from any defiance political activities, in an attempt to seek a comprehensive redress for the fraudulent elections that irregularly ordained the status quo.


The pronouncement of Justice Kavuma is an embodiment of intolerance that sits at the foundation of the tyranny of this regime. It also attests to the lack of independence of the Judiciary from the dictatorial influence of the Executive. This Kangaroo nature of handling political affairs in Uganda has been consistent, but Justice Kavuma has excelled as a true NRM cadre Judge in banning the freedom of Worship and suspension of fundamental human rights, leaving the entire world in utter shock.


No wonder then that Justice Kavuma’s unfortunate ruling has been widely condemned by every responsible authority, including religious leaders, foreign governments that have previously supported the Museveni military dictatorship, International Human Rights Organizations, and the Uganda Law Society, among others,  as outrageous, undemocratic, unconstitutional, and unnecessary means of evading accountability to a fraudulent election.  The Uganda Law Society, for instance, was unequivocal in condemning Justice Kavuma for having acted in a manner that deprived the banned parties, (FDC and Dr. Besigye) the opportunity for a fair hearing to determine the core civil rights and liberties issue arising out of the contentions. Further, Chapter 4(20) (1) and (2) of the 1995 Constitution of Uganda (as amended), states ” (1) Fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual are inherent and not granted by the State. (2) The rights and freedoms of the individual and groups enshrined in this Chapter shall be respected, upheld and promoted by all organs and agencies of Government and by all persons”. The interpretation is very in the provisions of the Constitution.


Justice Kavuma’s ruling effectively banned the FDC as a Political Party from existing beyond name, since it curtails all activities of the Party. It, therefore, becomes natural for the Party to apply defiance and noncompliance approach to such a draconian interpretation of the law by the cadre judge.

Acting on the cadre judge ruling, the Ministry of Information and National Guidance Hon Jim Muwezi, together with the 2 ministers of the Office of Attorney General`s office Hon Fred Ruhinda and Mwesigwa Rukutana and the Inspector General of Police General Kale Kayihura issued a decree that expressly imposed a ban on media houses from covering and reporting on any matter related to the activities of FDC and that of Dr. Kizza Besigye. In essence, the State has usurped the fundamental rights and freedoms of the press, the freedom of expression, and other relevant liberties that are inherent and enshrined in the Constitution that should not be controlled, or issued by the state. In doing so, this NRM regime has confirmed its position as a tyranny, a dictatorship that does not respect the Constitution and the rule of law. Such laws must be treated with the due contempt, as unconstitutional and discriminatory to its victims as per chapter 4(21) (2) of the 1995 Constitution.


The Uganda Diaspora P10 is concerned that such a dismissive attitude showcased by the state towards the Opposition is poisonous to the development of our fragile democracy. Such a decree significantly narrows the democratic space, alienate the masses from accountable governance, and will definitely drive the existing discontent against the tradition of fraudulent elections underground and outside the shades of the state to the detriment of peace.


Further, the issues for which the FDC and Dr Kizza Besigye have waged a protracted peaceful defiance and noncompliance campaign are critical for strengthening Uganda’s democratic governance. They should not be wished away be a decree. Ugandans should never be subjected to a costly and yet fraudulent electoral processes every time of an election. It is becoming a tradition that those who organize elections deliberately misappropriate such elections with impunity to maintain status quo. In the past they were able to “win” fraudulently and go away with it. This time, they have stolen an elephant that they are unable to hide. Ugandans shall demand for accountability and this is the time for us to fix our democracy through negotiated electoral reforms and sweeping reforms to the laws as well as their proper implementation.


The Uganda Diaspora P10 stands by the FDC leadership through these hard times, and with Dr. Kizza Besigye in his peaceful and yet unrelenting demand for an international audit of the February 18, 2016 elections. Until such an audit is conducted, there will not be a conclusively elected President in Uganda.


Furthermore, we demand for elaborate electoral reforms to save this nation from this kind of confusion in the future. We believe that an electoral commission where Ugandans have trust and faith in can provide a springboard for a legitimate and accountable government. A democratic environment calls for tolerance of diversity and as such, there is no way Ugandans should accept to be duped and fooled every election year with fraudulent elections. Fraudulent elections ensure that the will of the people to be governed as they wish, is misappropriated and abused by corrupt and unconscionable characters.


The Uganda Diaspora P10 calls  upon all foreign governments, International NGOs, Philanthropists, Academics, Human Rights Organizations,  and democracies out there; to shun the government of Mr. Museveni;  to not recognize his fraudulently obtained 5th term in office; to impose a travel ban on all its officials, especially those at the forefront of violating human rights; to liquidate all their assets and; where possible, arrest, detain and arraign those who have championed the impunity against human rights of Ugandans with crimes against humanity.


We are very concerned about the deteriorating situation in Uganda, where the military and armed forces are shooting at, arbitrarily arresting, torturing and depriving Ugandans of their fundamental rights. The fundamental rights, such as the freedom of worship, free speech and liberty to associate should not be given by the state. These are critical aspects of any modern free and prospering human society – the centerpiece of healthy democracy.


The victims of various brutal arrests:

  1.   Wilber Muhwezi Kasibante
  2.  Mutaasa Kafero Charles
  3.   Zadock Amanyisa
  4.  Federica Nshemerirwe
  5.   Eng Ssenjako Dafala
  6.   Rusoke Kasim
  7.  Kikamusheza Joseph
  8.  Tumukunde Godfrey
  9.    Kaweesi Herbert
  10. Mugarula Dan.
  11. Federica Nshemereirwe
  12. Nuwahereza Michael
  13. Mwebaze Victor
  14. Atweta Edson
  15. Nimusiima Saul
  16. Tugabirwe Richard
  17. Twinamatsiko Peter
  18. Agirembabazi Lawrence
  19. Agaba Edson
  20. Aguda Moses
  21. Mukwaya Ambrose
  22. Mutunzi Robert
  23. Nyakato Rosette
  24. Mugarula Dan
  25. Harman Kaweesa
  26. Muhwezi Wilber, journalist with NewsLink
  27. Daily Monitor Reporter for Bushenyi

In Rukungiri we have 7 activists in police cells

In Entebbe we have 6 activists in police cells

In Busia we have 5 activists in police cells.

The above named are all in police custody all over the country, but more names are not yet reported by the time we filed this report.

Besides the above Special Security Forces arrested unknown numbers of individuals from Kiseka, the whole group were blind folded and packed into a military truck and taken to unknown location.



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Uganda Police has imported consignments of concrete mixers to crash voters.



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Uganda has imported armoured police cars, similar to those Kenya acquired at the end of January, ahead of its general election set for February 18. The vehicles have features including water cannons, riot controls and wedged front plows. The Star spotted them at G-section in the Port of Mombasa but Kenya Ports Authority officials declined to comment on the “sensitive” matter” (Elkana, 2016).

This here was to be expected, IGP Kale Kayihura wants to make the bloody mess of “Walk to Work” again, and has put money where his mouth is. Or the expensive big-man security vehicles that has the capacity to shut down demonstrations. They will continue to oppress the public in the name of the National Resistance Movement, and his boss Mzee! As he speaks of violence and expected that he needs big guns to shut down opposition as he has done in the past. This here is just a manifestation of it.

I think you catch my drift and assessment of the actions of the police. As they are following blindly the orders of Mzee, something else IGP Kayihura recently said, he speaks peace right now as long the election observation monitoring (EOM) are in the country. So that when they leave: he will go full-front against the opposition as he and his crew in the Police has done so much in the past.  So I have hard time believe the peace rhetoric of Kayihura, it’s kind of hard to believe from him and his loyal cronies.