Without a doubt 2016 will go down in history as an odd year- speaking politically; a year in which we have witnessed unusual or bizarre political shift, unseen in centuries and not even since political civilisation.

At any point in our history, people have predicted with near accuracy political trends to the people that political analysts have paid no attention to voters changing appetite for the status quo. In truth, there has been complacency.

Politicians have become so powerful, larger than life to the point that they have completely detached themselves from the people that give them political power. Politicians are quick to proclaim how they derive their power from God but forget that the same God gave voters the wisdom to make good, right or bad decisions.

The politicians have expectedly become presumptive. Big mistake. This year, people have decided to reclaim the power from the ruling political class and applied their wisdom to set a stage for new world order. The people are rewriting history.

The ruling political have been shaken and shaken hard. In Britain, the rebirth of nationalism forced a vote that ultimately forced the former empire out of European Union. It was a wake-up call.

In the East Midlands England, a team Leicester FC promoted to the Premier League from the football league championship in 2014 upset the mighty clubs and went on to be crowned Premier League champions.

In continental Europe, there is a resurgence of far-right political parties, unseen in the last the last 70 years. Since 2010, the rise of populist parties have rattled the exclusive political class have worked tirelessly for decades to create a secular central command. Not anymore.

Europe’s are wary. They have every reason to be afraid of the people they have dominated for so many years.The toxic combination of the most prolonged period of economic stagnation and the worst refugee crisis since the end of the Second World War has seen the far-Right surging across the continent, from Athens to Amsterdam and many points in between.

In the USA, Donald Trump, clearly a Washington outsider, beat all odds to become the 45th President of the free nation. Trump’s win was remarkable. He has never held any political office. The political class was against, the media was against him, corporate America was against him. He was a loner but silent Americans trusted him with Superpowers nuclear codes.

In Uganda, the voting trends have been against Mr. Yoweri Museveni but Museveni’s obsession with the use of violence to satisfy his political appetite meant that he has had to use guns to impose himself on people that rejected him in the ballot box. People voting against Museveni overwhelming might have come as a shock to him, but more shocking is the unwavering opposition his political hegemony is the biggest shock.

While in a free world, the political class has unwittingly accepted to deal with their exploitation, in dictatorships like Uganda, the dictator decides to move against the people that oppose him. Museveni would rather struggle with legitimacy problems than lay down arms and surrender to the will of the people.

Therefore all attempts to repair his image after the 2016 shock are in futility. He knows it. Museveni must listen to the ordinary folks and stop taking them for granted. He has no choice. The free world has learned that the people have only to right- right to vote and that right to vote can change the destiny of a nation.

The vote is now the only weapon against social ,economic and political injustices.

Article was published @Katonga Express

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